NaruHina and SasuSaku….Is now an Official OTP??

Hey my Lovely and Amazing Bloggers: Yeah,I know! “You are late” or “You left us”.I am really sorry guys but i kind of not have enough time now that I´m in Highschool, actually I just finished Final exams and also i just started vacations so there will be a lot of activity in this 3 […]

***No posts of the Time of the Doctor till TOMORROW!!***

Hey guys: For those who haven´t seen the Christmas Special:The Time of The Doctor,I will not start publishing till tomorrow about the Christmas Special,so don´t worry guys,I will not publish anything that could spoil you,until tomorrow!Well,to tell you the truth,I haven´t seen the Christmas Special yet and I have been spoiled by my friends and […]

***Do not check TUMBLR!!***

Hey guys: WARNING: BE CAREFUL GUYS!! If you haven´t seen the 50th anniversary and you don´t want people to spoil you,then you should not see TUMBLR!Tumblr is now fulll of spoilers of the 50th trust me!I have already see it,but i don´t want to spoil you so i will start to publish stuff till tomorrow […]