***First Blog Contest!!:Doctor Who***

Hey guys: So,I wanna make a little contest before series 8 of Doctor Who starts!I was thinking,if there is a New Doctor then there has to be a New Screwdriver or something new!So,do you want me to do a contest??!!So here is the thing,how do you think the new screwdriver will be? So here is […]

***Matt-Week:Matt Smith Interview ,Top Gear Lap and EXTRA***

Hey guys: Lets continue with our Matt week before New Years Night!!So,I am going to publish Interviews made to Matt Smith,Funny Moments,Reasons why he is awesome and wonderful and more!!So hold on you seats because we will start remembering our dear Matt Smith and his greatest moments as the Doctor in the TARDIS! So this […]

***Liebster Award Nomination: FrikiOrgullosa13!!***

Hey Guys: Ok!Big news!!OMG!I was nominated for an award:Liebster Award!And I want really,really to thank Otaku Orbit for nominating me to the Liebster Award,I really appreciate it!Thank you!!!You are really helping me to make my blog even better!! If you are asking yourselves “What is this awesome LiebsterAward our AWESOME Blogger was just nominated for”? […]

***Raggedy Man,Goodnight***

Hey Guys: Fisrt publish for Matt-Week!Video made by Primevalrocx.Great Video for Matt Smith for his last hour.Enjoy and hold all your tears. Extra Video made by PoisonDesiresx “Raggedy Man,Goodnight” Honestly they are a lot of great Videos so if you want to check them out I will Put you the links below.But I considered this […]

***Matt-Week:Matt Smith special weekend!!***

Hey guys:: Well,we will start today our special Matt Smith weekend because he deserves a special week full of love and remembering all Matt Smith´s fantastic Moments,wonderful and funny moments while he was as The Doctor,still he is the Doctor,but I mean we all love him and we know that he deserves a special Weekend!! […]

***The Time of the Doctor: REVIEW!!***

Hey Guys: How are you doing?Have you already seen the Christmas Special of Doctor who:The Time of the Doctor??Yes??Well,it is time for a Review of the Chap.So that means that this post will be kind of long and also will include a lot,LOTS of tears!!So,lets start shall we?  Lets start from the beginning.I think you […]

***The Time of the Doctor:Extended Trailer***

Hey Guys: Founded the Extended Trailer of the Day of the Doctor and basically the Trailer are just Tears and more Tears! I am Dying slowly and quietly!!Ok this is just being mean,MEAN!They keep spoiling us with sad moments instead with happy moments like I don´t know,THE NEW TARDIS for example!!I mean why they have […]

***The Doctor and Sherlock***

Hey guys: I know some of you guys have been wondering what would happen if the Doctor and Sherlock were together in the same room,well in this case in the TARDIS! “Months after an encounter with a mysterious ‘Doctor’, Sherlock becomes obsessed with discovering more about this impossible man… until the man makes an unexpected […]

***Well,she thought she was the first..***

Hey guys: After i saw again the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who,I remembered all the spoilers in every episode about Queen Elizabeth I and The Doctor!All around the series,they have gave us spoilers about their marriage:They gave us one in the End of Time Part I and in the second episode of series 6!I mean,they […]

***The Day of The Doctor: My Review***

Hey Guys: Ok,As i told you before (like two or three days ago) I am going to make my own review about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who;I will tell you what I thought about it in everything it happened in the episode from the beginning to the end!So here i go:   First of […]

***SPOILERS from the Doctor Who Christmas Special***

Hey guys: I was just hanging around the internet when i founded something about the 50th anniversary.This might be some massive SPOILERS from the 50th anniversary so you might wanna rethink about reading it,but I don´t know Do as you want!: ***WARNING:MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD,Read at your own risk: Christmas Special: (possibly called Time Of The […]

***Doctor Who: Google Game***

Hey guys: Jaaja do you remember that everytime something important is going on,Google makes in his fron page like something to let people know?Sometimes there are videos,games,or just a picture.Well,because of the 50th anniversary,Google has made this little game with the Doctors and is quite great,you get to chose the doctor you wanna play with […]

***Introducing the Day of the Doctor: 2 Days to go!***

Hey guys: So exciting!2 days till the Day of the Doctor!This is going to be great,this is what i have being waiting for the last 9 or 12 months I really don´t know but It was since last year and I am diying to watch it!!My god so EXCITED!!!Everything and Everyone that are FANTASTIC will […]

**Doctor Who: My theory of the ending of the 50th Anniversary**

Hey guys: I was just messing around when i came up with a great idea!You know that the 50th anniversary will be about Queen Elizabeth I and The Tenth Doctor,well i don´t know if you guys remember that in the episode of series 5 “The End of Time Part I” at the beginning the Doctor […]