***First Blog Contest!!:Doctor Who***

Hey guys: So,I wanna make a little contest before series 8 of Doctor Who starts!I was thinking,if there is a New Doctor then there has to be a New Screwdriver or something new!So,do you want me to do a contest??!!So here is the thing,how do you think the new screwdriver will be? So here is […]

***Sherlock Complete Season 3:Review***

Hello Guys: So yesterday I finished watching Sherlock Series 3 because where I live they start to put them on the T.v like two months after the Season premiere was released,so i kind of had to wait a week and then another week and then other to finally finish watching the season finally,so i want […]

***Matt-Week:Tribute Videos and Funny Moments***

Hey Guys: Gonna Show you every video: Tribute Video or Funny Video about Matt Smith as the Doctor!Every video includes his moments with Karen Gillan,Arthur Darvill,Alex Kingston or Jenna Louis Coleman.I have founded many AWESOME Videos made by Fans to remember us when Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor!The videos I founded were pretty amazing […]

***Matt-Week:Matt Smith special weekend!!***

Hey guys:: Well,we will start today our special Matt Smith weekend because he deserves a special week full of love and remembering all Matt Smith´s fantastic Moments,wonderful and funny moments while he was as The Doctor,still he is the Doctor,but I mean we all love him and we know that he deserves a special Weekend!! […]

***The Time of the Doctor: REVIEW!!***

Hey Guys: How are you doing?Have you already seen the Christmas Special of Doctor who:The Time of the Doctor??Yes??Well,it is time for a Review of the Chap.So that means that this post will be kind of long and also will include a lot,LOTS of tears!!So,lets start shall we?  Lets start from the beginning.I think you […]

***Sherlock Holmes Mini Episode: Many Happy Returns-Series 3***

Hey Guys: Woke up this morning and remembered: “OMG,Sherlock´s Mini Episode,MUST SEE” so i finished seeing it and decided to share it with you guys.AMAZING I mean we all know that Sherlock didn´t die because they showed it to us in the last Chap.of Series 2 when he was seeing Watson visiting “Sherlock´s Grave” that […]

***Four Days till the Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys: Just here to remember you that the day to suffer is close,if you know what I mean.The BBC always celebrates Christmas in an awful way,making fandoms cry and suffer and by that they make Christmas like Halloween or something worst than anything,it is nothing like Christmas,it is worst than anything!That is the reason […]

***The Time of the Doctor:Extended Trailer***

Hey Guys: Founded the Extended Trailer of the Day of the Doctor and basically the Trailer are just Tears and more Tears! I am Dying slowly and quietly!!Ok this is just being mean,MEAN!They keep spoiling us with sad moments instead with happy moments like I don´t know,THE NEW TARDIS for example!!I mean why they have […]

***The Doctor and Sherlock***

Hey guys: I know some of you guys have been wondering what would happen if the Doctor and Sherlock were together in the same room,well in this case in the TARDIS! “Months after an encounter with a mysterious ‘Doctor’, Sherlock becomes obsessed with discovering more about this impossible man… until the man makes an unexpected […]

***Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys: As I promised,i will start publishing things today!So,I will start with the best news of all: The new Trailer of the Time of the Doctor-.The Christmas special! We are all excited to know that Christmas Day is close and if Christmas Day is close soo is The Christmas Special!Do you remember that post […]

***Doctor Who:Christmas Special 2013***

Hey guys: The 50th anniversary was already released,which means that Matt  Smith´s end is very close,which is too bad for all of us. Matt Smith´s last episode will be on December 24th of this year 2013.Unfortunatele,Matt Smith will be leaving in that episode or we can say regenerate into the 12th Doctor or maybe 13th […]

***Day of the Doctor: Gifs***

Hey guys: New photos and gifs from the Day of the Doctor 50th anniversary!We know that the 50th anniversary is closer than we think,just 2 days till the 50th anniversary!!I can hear the sound of the TARDIS!!                                     […]

**Teens React to Doctor Who**

Hey guys: Remember  I published  a video called “Doctor Who in 6 minutes” created by the FineBrothers?Well,they realeased a new episode this week about Doctor Who,specially because of the 50th anniversary OF COURSE!!Anyway,i want to share it with you guys,but i just gor something to say to you,you might be wantindg to kill some of […]

**The Day of the Doctor:Preview-Children in Need**

My god: BBC just makes us suffer more and more!!I mean,they really want to SPOIL US ALL,they keep releasing previews of the Day Of the Doctor and every time  i see them I DIE!!This Day,they released a preview of the Day Of the Doctor for the Children In Need 2013 so if you can donate […]

Hey: Hello guys!Maybe you already saw the trailer of Sherlock Season 3,it was released time ago..I think 3 or 4 months ago or something like that!I really don´t remember,but i want to share it to you guys again,because the premier i think is January 2014 or something,i really don´t remeber but i will share it […]