***Naruto Shippuden 665:The Current Me***

Hey guys: I felt kind of disappointed with this week´s manga.Why??Well,is kind of becoming so predectible,I am not saying I know what is going to happen in the next chapter of the manga neither that it is boring,but I am saying this because it kind of making you expect the things that are going to […]

***Naruto 656:Shift!!***

Hey guys: The new chap from Naruto´s manga was released today.The new chap.is called Shift and i think is really great!Obito finally became a good person,he even tried to do the same thing as Nagato:Edo Tensei but Madara ruined it all!!My god!In this moment the person i hate the most is Madara Uchiha i really […]

***Naruto Shippuden 655: Track***

Hey Guys: Have you read the manga already?Well,if you haven´t,you really should read it. The war is finally,FINALLY over!Yep,Obito was already beaten like 2 chapters ago,but in this chap.he was finally on the floor and now everybody wants to become a hero and kill him.Well,the first one was Sasuke but you know sasuke,he  wants to […]