***How to Train your Dragon:Preview***

Hey Guys:

Ok!I know what you are going to say:OMG!!We all know that they announced that they were going to make another movie from “How to Train Your Dragon” and that hiccup in this movie was going to be a teenager very handsome and that he was going to be with Astrid,but I never thought that they were actually going to do it!I was screaming when i saw this!This is just,WOW!!Are you excited?Because I am!!!My god,can´t,really can´t wait to see it!

My god!The best part,is that he is with ASTRID!!We have a new OTP!

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***Well,she thought she was the first..***

Hey guys:

After i saw again the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who,I remembered all the spoilers in every episode about Queen Elizabeth I and The Doctor!All around the series,they have gave us spoilers about their marriage:They gave us one in the End of Time Part I and in the second episode of series 6!I mean,they were going to show us the episode where they got married sooner or later and it was amazing that they showed to us in the 50th!!Hahaha

Here are the references:


tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto1_r1_250 tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto2_250

tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto3_250 tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto4_250

tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto6_250 tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto5_r1_250

***The Doctors Game??!!***


I founded this cool and hilarious video!Is a Parody from Doctor Who and the Hunger Games and it is basically the plot of the movie!!I knew something like this was going to happen!I mean BBC makes an special episode where all Thirteen Doctors are reunited to save the universe!Something like this video had to happen any moment!Am i right?The thing is,this video is amazing and you will probably love it!

What I basically think of this:


****Happy Birthday***

Hey guys;

Just wishing a Happy Birthaday to two of the stars I publish in this blog:


Yep, like this two AMAZING girls!I wish them a Happy Birthday,an amazing day and the happiest birthdays of all time!!

HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY KAREN! Wish she spends it with Matt Smith!

tumblr_mwy5ydW5681rd0ea4o1_250 tumblr_mwy5ydW5681rd0ea4o2_250

tumblr_mwy5ydW5681rd0ea4o5_r1_250 tumblr_mwy5ydW5681rd0ea4o6_r1_250

tumblr_mwy5ydW5681rd0ea4o3_250 tumblr_mwy5ydW5681rd0ea4o4_250

Also,HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY LAURA!! Hoping she spends it with Ross Lynch!



tumblr_mws7caq2F21rqz0x9o2_250      tumblr_mwsdj8Wuni1t0ouwko1_250

I wish to both of them a GREAT DAY!


***How to build a Draft??***

Hey Guys:

Ok,this maybe you have already seen it,it was a little interview for the Harry Potter cast where they asked them what book would they like to have if they were in an island!Obviously,one of them was really smart:


tumblr_mrp345EVXl1qkqs19o2_250       tumblr_mrp345EVXl1qkqs19o4_250                             tumblr_mrp345EVXl1qkqs19o3_250         tumblr_mrp345EVXl1qkqs19o1_250


Obviously one of them is going to leave the island…

I think we all know what to answer if they asks us that question.!

***The Day of The Doctor: My Review***

Hey Guys:

Ok,As i told you before (like two or three days ago) I am going to make my own review about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who;I will tell you what I thought about it in everything it happened in the episode from the beginning to the end!So here i go:

tumblr_mwj8cbplYd1sltsk6o1_500 (1)


First of all,as we saw in the episode Clara is now teaching in a school and the episode began just like the first chap. of Doctor Who in the garage or something like that.Anyway,they thought that Clara was sick or something because she received a message from the Doctor.But as we saw,Clara has become such a Badass,imagine;she arrived at the Tardis with a Motorcycle!I mean,who does that!?The relationship between the Doctor and Clara has become so unique that they have stayed together for a long time and we expect to see them together even more time!



Well,then we see again UNIT,as you remember UNIT was from the Doctor Who Classics and seeing them again in the 50th anniversary was awesome because they are so popular!Anyway,UNIT is now Kate Lethbridge-Stewart daughter of Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart who was the chief of UNIT during the Doctor Who classics.Anyway,this part when they take the TARDIS flying through the air is kind of amazing!The Doctor is hanging from the bottom of the TARDIS and he is almost falling!This was the beginning I was expecting for the 50th anniversary!

So,after the trip (where almost our Doctor regenerated from a terrible fall) passed Stewart talked to him about a little problem in the gallery of London!He received a letter from Queen Elizabeth I and after that Stewart started to tell him about the problem in the gallery.My review about this part is that,Queen Elizabeth actually knew when to deliver the letter to the Doctor!I mean,this part is great.Specially after they show us a painting of the 10th DOCTOR WITH QUEEN ELIZABETH I!Jaja..David Tennant looked great and cute in a painting and looks exactly alike!Jjajaj


I don´t remeber very well,but after that we see the Doctor from the Time War,writing in the walls a warning for everyone who was in the time war.Anyway,the Doctor went to other planet to activate The Moment and then is when we find again Rose Tyler;but this time she was Bad Wolf.Anyway,I clearly enjoyed this part of the 50th,Bad Wolf returning to the 50th anniversary with the past Doctor and the Moment taking form of Rose Tyler was epic!I think we all were fangirling in this moment,specially because we all knew that the Doctor was going to find Rose very soon!But the most amazing part of this was THE FEZ of the Eeventh!JUST EPIC!



Well,after all of the speech between Bad Wolf and The Doctor,we see The tenth Doctor with Queen Elizabeth I having a little picnic and he asking her for marriage and ruining History!Well,we clearly know now why Queen Elizabeth hates the Doctor soo much,he never showed up again,but ask yourselves this: If Queen Elizabeth I wanted to cut off the Doctor´s head in the “Shakespeares Code” because he hated him,why in this episode,she still loves him and everything!?I mean,he never showed up again,right after they got married he never showed up again,and she is totally cool with that at the beginning but then she is totally mad about it?I am kind of confused about this,but they made ourselves clear about the Queen and The Doctor.

Finally,the three Doctors find each other in the past with Queen Elizabeth due to that Bad Wolf wanted to show the Doctor his future if he destroyed Gallifrey and stopped in a violent way the time war.Anyway,the first two to find each other were 11th and 1oth Doctor who started to dialogue between each other and bla bla bla!After that,the Time War Doctor founded them and asked them if they were the Doctor´s Companions!Ok,may I stop at this point and ask:Was i the only one that laughed soooo hard when this happened?!!HIS COMPANIONS?jajaj I just loved the 11th Doctor reaction!Was epic!I mean,do we all agree that this was the best part of the whole chap.??This part made the 50th way more funny than we expected!



Well after that,the cool stuff came:Doctor´s dialoguing about the time war,if they could forget,if they had already forgotten and blablabla!The cool stuff came at the end and where I have great emotions about!As you know,Stewart wanted to destroy london so she could destroy the Zygons,kind of commiting genocide!The Doctor made her think about her decision better and all of that.The cool stuff came when the moment to make a decision about the end of the Time war came.Bfore the Doctor could press the BIG RED BUTTON the two doctors showed up and tried to make him think better about his decision and they came up with an idea:To hide gallifrey and freeze the time during the war.The idea was just great and the moment too,specially with the Doctor/Rose reference!My god!!I loved the Doctors face right after the Doctor wished he could kiss Rose/Bad Wolf girl!Jjajaj his face was just hilarious!AND I DEFINETELY LOVED THE MOMENT!

tumblr_mwqmhtafME1snyfmgo2_250  tumblr_mwqmhtafME1snyfmgo5_250 tumblr_mwqmhtafME1snyfmgo6_250


tumblr_mwqmhtafME1snyfmgo3_250 tumblr_mwqmhtafME1snyfmgo4_250 tumblr_mwqmhtafME1snyfmgo1_250


Well.now the best part of the episode:The thirteen Doctors!Obviously this part was the best of the episode,they didn´t just show twelve Doctors but showed thirteen including Peter Capaldi!!!(SPOILERS)Well,Obviously some of the Doctors were shots from previews episodes but showing Peter Capaldi was just making things cool!!Peter Capaldi obviously is going to be a great Doctor.I think we all agree with that!Because they are already showing the thirteen Doctor,because the Twelve Hour is almost over!Matt smith is leaving on December,Merry Christmas from the BBC!

tumblr_mwrx7sTybd1robleeo1_r2_500 tumblr_mwrx7sTybd1robleeo2_500






Also i want to add this part:


The Tenth Doctor is basically flirting with Clara!His next next companion!My god,no wonder why Matt does not admitt he likes her!He kissed her hand in the past!I bet he is embarrassed!!But his expression was the best:Yeah,I am flirting with your girl,whatever is yours it is mine!” Basically,that was what he was thinking that moment!

In conclusion:

The 50th anniversary was definetely what I was expecting but they could have included more about other things like:What happened with Rose Tyler and Tentoo in the future,or something else!I would have liked them to explian something about Rose and Tentoo,it would have been great!The important thing here is that the 50th anniversary was awesome and the plot was clearly unexpected,specially with all the stuff about Gallifrey,Honestly i did not expeted that,the way they solved the Time War was unexpected and i think you guys also think that too.



The great news about this is that we will be able to see the 100th anniversary of Doctor Who,well at least i will be able to see it!I hope you guys can see it too in the future unless you are a Time Lord and you want to see even more from DoctorWho 150th anniversary or 200th I really don´t think we will get that far.

So,what did you thought about the 50th?Did you liked it?Was it what you were expecting about it?Leave it on a comment and lets all celebrate because GALLIFREY FALLS,NO MORE!!












***Bleach 559:The Night Right***

Hey guys:

I will just tell you that i was really expecting the manga to be released!Different from what others think,for me;Bleach is becoming a great manga.Many people want Bleach to be over but the manga has really become really interesting.If you read the manga,you will see that the Majesty is a really bad person!I mean,he kils his own people when they lose a battle!Why?!I mean,they lost but there is no reason to kill them!He has now become my less favorite character in the whole manga!!I just hate villans that kill their own people!What is the point on that!?I mean,if they kill theirown people,they reduce the number of warriors or people to fight against the enemies and the probability to win reduces;even when they say:”How am i going to lose if I am sooo Powerful and Bad and alll!?”

But,clearly he is going to lose because ICHIGO is coming!!!And,OMG!!Rukia and Renji came back FINALLY!!The next chap of the manga will be great!!Can´t wait!

Don´t you think this guy looks exactly like Byakuya?I mean he will probably fight against Ichigo but wouldn´t it be great to see Byakuya fighting against him?I mean,their personalities are so alike!!jaja

Don´t you think this guy looks exactly like Byakuya?I mean he will probably fight against Ichigo but wouldn´t it be great to see Byakuya fighting against him?I mean,their personalities are so alike!!jaja


**Naruto 559: The Night Right

***Naruto 656:Shift!!***

Hey guys:

The new chap from Naruto´s manga was released today.The new chap.is called Shift and i think is really great!Obito finally became a good person,he even tried to do the same thing as Nagato:Edo Tensei but Madara ruined it all!!My god!In this moment the person i hate the most is Madara Uchiha i really did not used to hate him actually who i really hated was Obito because of all the things he made because of a girl!But whatever,today´s manga was really great and you should really read it!!

Why does Madara always wants to make things a lot more complicated?? GIVE ME A BREAK!!

Why does Madara always wants to make things a lot more complicated?? come on….GIVE ME A BREAK!!


**Naruto 656:Shift

***Matt Smith in Adventure in Space and Time with William Hartnell:Clip***

Hey guys:

Right after the 50th anniversary was over,the BBC released kind of a movie about the beginning of Doctor Who with William Hartnell.This movie explains every process made for the creation of Doctor Who.This shows us that the idea of regeneration wasn´t even planned and this are great news!

The movie is called Adventure in Space and Time:Doctor Who.I think there will be kind of a marathon of Doctor Who on the BBC,so maybe they will also put this movie on the Tv Schedule,right after the Day of The Doctor.

Anyway,Matt smith appeared on this movie for just a few seconds.I really don´t know if this is real but for me it is (maybe you have figured out that I believe everything i see),it looks pretty real!!Matt Smith was already imagined by William Hartnell!!


tumblr_inline_mwqk7jmuQP1r02tin (1)

***SPOILERS from the Doctor Who Christmas Special***

Hey guys:

I was just hanging around the internet when i founded something about the 50th anniversary.This might be some massive SPOILERS from the 50th anniversary so you might wanna rethink about reading it,but I don´t know Do as you want!:

***WARNING:MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD,Read at your own risk:

Christmas Special: (possibly called Time Of The Doctor)

There’s a signal, a bell tolling, calling out through the universe and touching every race. Most races are inexplicably afraid, even Daleks Cybermen Angels etc. But our Doctor is, as ever, very curious! He and Clara follow the signal to a small, wooded, snowy place where they are attacked by Angels. The Doctor gets wounded and fears his leg is infected.

They meet a couple (Del’s wife off Only Fools and Horses, and Eddie the Barman from Hustle) who explain that they are on the outskirts of Christmas Town, a quaint little place enfolded in a truth field which has always been there, seemingly naturally.

On closer examination and exploration the Doctor figures that the signal is emanating from the clock tower in the centre of town. Further investigation reveals that the planet is surrounded by enemies old and new, all wanting to crush the place.

Chatting with those in the know, the Doctor realises that this is Trenzalore! The enemies are holding back their attack for fear that the Doctor – through legend – will unleash the might of the Time Lords on them. The Daleks fear this the most. So, the Doctor decides he has no choice but to protect this innocent town (which just happens to house the target of the universal forces of evil) from utter destruction. He has to stay. He has to help!

Realising that this could take a while he sends Clara to safety in the TARDIS; she won’t live for half the time this’ll take to sort out… So now he’s stranded there in Christmas Town. He takes up residency in the tower where he becomes something of a local celeb! The man who takes care of the town! He spends 300 or so years fighting the invading monsters, side by side with the Mainframe – both are defending the town, after an agreement was made in their mutual interest! He defeats Angels and Cybermen (wooden ones too) and Sontarans and who knows what else. All the while, the question is asked: Doctor Who?

Clara visits, with help, and finds the Doctor making and fixing toys for the children of the town. He’s old. Aged. He’s lost that infected leg, it turned to stone so had to go. Now he has a wooden one! And he also has a Cyberhead mate called Handles who keeps him company, keeps him chatting… The Doctor explains his situation to Clara (us) and we see the battles he is left to fight. An endless, bitter war. A war that could kill him; he has no regenerations remaining! This is his last life.



(When Kovarian said “an endless bitter war, against you!” In AGMGTW she didn’t mean between the a Silence and him, but between him and everyone else, fought on the Silence’s doorstep.)

The stalemate holds, the battle rages, the Doctor defeats all sorts of monsters. Until only the ever-defiant Daleks remain in position, waiting and waiting. 900 years of battle and waiting and waiting and more waiting. 900 years of not being able to end it all. The Daleks fear that if they attack then the Doctor will unleash the Time Lords and that means an end for them. If the Doctor leaves Christmas Town then the place burns with no deterrent. So both sides sit and wait… And wait… And wait…

Until the Doctor realises his time is up, his life is at an end. He has no regenerations left (thanks to Ten’s vanity in Journey’s End and Hurt’s Recently revealed existence) so this really is the end. He takes his rage and frustration to the Daleks one last time: a last stand, an “I’ve got nothing, so kill me if you want” defiant eff-you. They close in on him when, inexplicably, a familiar crack of light opens in the sky and from it emerges a second chance! The Doctor is able, once more, to regenerate! Breaking all rules, it’s going to be a hell of a light show! The exploding energy from his regeneration blasts Daleks all around, sending them burning into the wastes of space and the battleground around the town…

tumblr_inline_mwqk7jmuQP1r02tin (1)

…thanks to the mysterious Tasha Lem, Clara has been shown this, from a distance, and – knowing he SHOULD just die – she’s overjoyed that he appears to be changing once more. She races to where she saw it happen only to find the TARDIS, open, waiting… our story continues! Hopefully for another 50 years!


So,this is basically what i founded.I really don´t know if this is true but it sounds kind of Steven Moffats Style so I really don´t know but there is a huge possibility that all of this is true,actually people say this is true and that all of this will happen in the Christmas special.Let me just say,that I am oe of the persons that think this will happen in the 50th,it sounds logical to me I don´t know if to you it sounds logical,but for me yes.

Will you want to see something like this in The Christmas Special of Doctor Who?Because i will like it to happen!Well,i mean…another regeneration!?This is serious stuff because it had already been said that the Doctor could only regenerte 13 times,not more but this is basically a miracle for all of us and i am waiting it to happen!

As it said in there,to all of us this episode will be a big shock!There will be new stuff to discover about and who knows,maybe this Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is the one River was always talking about;this means we might get to see River song again!Would you like that?I guess we all miss the words that could move armies,cause battles between kingdoms,cause the destruction of the universe;just two single words might that could cause the End of The Universe and more :


Maybe the Christmas Special will be Horrible,sad or we will lose Matt Smith as the Doctor;but the great news;is that we might get to see Doctor Who last for 50 years…or even more..


***Doctor Who:Christmas Special 2013***

Hey guys:

The 50th anniversary was already released,which means that Matt  Smith´s end is very close,which is too bad for all of us.

Matt Smith´s last episode will be on December 24th of this year 2013.Unfortunatele,Matt Smith will be leaving in that episode or we can say regenerate into the 12th Doctor or maybe 13th because we all now know that the Doctor played by John Hurt is considered also a Doctor so i kind of got lost.Eventhough,Matt Smith is leaving Peter Capaldi will be our Next Doctor,which I consider he will be the best,imagine a Doctor like Peter Capaldi always saying Bad Words!Jajaja It will be epic.Anyway,I am like you,feeling sad because of Matt Smith´s departure,but I knid of feel that this Doctor will be just AWESOME.

So,here is a poster that was released after the 50th anniversary,where they show the Christmas Special of Doctor Who:The last episode of Matt Smith.


Can you see it?In the background….It is the Silence,long time we don´t see them!But this are bad news for all of us…Don´t you think?

Extra Pic:

Apparently the Cybermen will be the enemies that will cause his regeneration this time or will they be the silence???

Who do you think will be the enemies this time?


***Deleted Scene from the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who***

Hey Guys:

Doctor Who 50th anniversary was a big surprise for all of us!It was what we  were kind of expecting,although I hoped a little bit more from Bad Wolf,I don´t know like a relationship between the 11th Doctor and Bad Wolf..Something like i don´t know,asking her if he could see Rose Tyler´s life or something like that it would have been good.

Anyway,there were some deleted scenes from the 50th anniversary which i consider good and that they shouldn´t have been deleted from the 50th anniversary,but well they kind of didn´t wanted them in it.

Here is a deleted scne from the 50th anniversary right after The Three Doctors meet and were on the way to The Tower:

This was my favorite scene,I wish they had left it in the episode,it was a great scene!}


***The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot:Trailer 50th Anniversary***

Hello guys:

Hey guys.Spoilers will be shown know on my blog and i will start with this funny trailer from the 50th anniversary!!Classic Doctors wanted to be in the 50th anniversary and somehow is kind of spoilers but they are no longer spoiling.I watched it and is really funny,how everyone wants to be in the 50th and they try to get help from others  and all of that jajaja!It is pretty awesome that i will share with you guys!Revies,posts and more about the 50th anniversary will be published during the week!


***Sherlock Season 3:Sooo close for the season premiere!***

Hey guys:

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was just the beginning of our amazing month,apart from the premiere of “The Day of the Dotor” there is also TONIGHT the premiere of season 3 of Sherlock!We have waited soo long to know how sherlock survived,but i got to tell you people,i already know how he survived,and my theory is true because it makes sense and it has a connection with everything Sherlock said on season 2…EVERYTHING on my theory makes sense.I don´t know if you have already seen the premiere because i haven´t but anyway i am excited to see it!!I love Sherlock and i am really,really happy for the premiere!!



***Matt Smith and David Tennant in the Graham Norton Show:Episode 6 complete***

Hey guys:

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was a huge hit!Everybody watched it and people are constantly talking about it!Specially one of the shows we love the most:The Graham Norton show,who had a special episode of the 50th anniversary with Matt Smith and David Tennant!I just watched it and is pretty awesome,so people you should too watch it,if you are a true fan of Doctor Who,you must watch it since they are two of our greatest Doctor´s!

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


**David and Matt apperance is in Part 2 of the episode**





***Doctor Who: Christmas Preview***

Hello Guys:

Surely,we all going to die that Day!We will alll cry a lot!The Christmas special is so close,and the Doctor i close to his dead!But,Peter Capaldi is closer to appear as the new doctor,which I think he will be awesome!

Here is  a preview from the 50th:


***Do not check TUMBLR!!***

Hey guys:

WARNING: BE CAREFUL GUYS!! If you haven´t seen the 50th anniversary and you don´t want people to spoil you,then you should not see TUMBLR!Tumblr is now fulll of spoilers of the 50th trust me!I have already see it,but i don´t want to spoil you so i will start to publish stuff till tomorrow or Monday,depends if everyone in this planet has seen it..so you on´t want to get spoiled,then do not search about the 50th!

Also i want to say,sorry if you havent seen it..I am really,really sorry..




Meanwhile,people that has already logged into Tumblr and has been spoiled:

tumblr_inline_mwpwoyvPiB1s899bs (1)

Sorry Guys…

***Day of the Doctor:My posts about this till Monday!**

Hey Guys:

Helloww..maybe you wonder,why she hasn´t publish anything about the 50th anniversary?Well,i just don´t want to spoil all of you guys.The 50th was already transmitted but many people couldn´t see it until tomorrow,so i want to be a good  person and I wil publish things about the 50th till Monday cause this is a huge thing and maybe some of you has not seen it,so don´t worry if you couldn´t see it,then there will a repetition of the 50th at 19:30 on the BBC!Good luck and If you haven´t seen it,SEE IT it is FANTASTIC!




(Meanwhile,everyone that haven´t seen the 50th and does not want any spoilers, are grateful with me!) You are welcome!


***The Day of the Doctor:Mini episode The Last Day***

Hey guys:

Another mini episode has been released besides the one of the Eight Doctor where they show his regeneration to John Hurt!This are too many spoilers!!I don´t like people to spoil me,of course is a good way to found out what will happen at the 50th,but i don´t like to be spoiled!Here is the mini episode about tomorrows 50th Anniversary: The Day of The Doctor!


***David Tennant Ponytail?!!***

May i just say:

A heart attack just happened to me after i saw this:

David Tennant has a   ponytail!!

David Tennant has a ponytail!!

David Tennant´s amazing hair has a ponytail!a ponytail!OMG!What happened to his amazing front hair!?I am not saying he looks bad(impossible to him to look bad) maybe ha has it like that because of a play or a new movie or series I don´t know but this are huge news!!David Tennat has a PONYTAIL ladies and gentlemen,and he looks GREAT!

I am dying because his hair is not the same..of course,but it doesn´t matter how he looks,he is the most amazing and funniest person in the hole world and i love HIM!

But,not only David also MATT SMITH!The eleventh hour is closer!My god I am going to miss him,he is sooo cute also!I will miss the eleventh Doctor!Obviously,when i see the last episode of Matt i will cry a pond!





Remember there will be an special episode from the Graham Norton show the night before the 50th at 10:35 through BBC One!Matt Smith and David Tennant special guests!Along with Emma Thompson, Jimmy Carr and Robbie Williams!Don´t miss it!!

Graham Norton Show - London

***Doctor Who: Google Game***

Hey guys:

Jaaja do you remember that everytime something important is going on,Google makes in his fron page like something to let people know?Sometimes there are videos,games,or just a picture.Well,because of the 50th anniversary,Google has made this little game with the Doctors and is quite great,you get to chose the doctor you wanna play with and you have to recover the Google letters and everytime Daleks,Cybermen or Weeping Angels kill you,you regenerate!And is quite great!I haev already played,You wanna try?

***Doctor Who Google Game


***Introducing the Day of the Doctor: 2 Days to go!***

Hey guys:

So exciting!2 days till the Day of the Doctor!This is going to be great,this is what i have being waiting for the last 9 or 12 months I really don´t know but It was since last year and I am diying to watch it!!My god so EXCITED!!!Everything and Everyone that are FANTASTIC will be in here and will make this Special UNFORGETTABLE!


***Day of the Doctor: Gifs***

Hey guys:

New photos and gifs from the Day of the Doctor 50th anniversary!We know that the 50th anniversary is closer than we think,just 2 days till the 50th anniversary!!I can hear the sound of the TARDIS!!

tumblr_mwm7u9SJj51srdb0to1_250                                        tumblr_mwm7u9SJj51srdb0to2_250 tumblr_mwm7u9SJj51srdb0to3_250                                          tumblr_mwm7u9SJj51srdb0to4_250 tumblr_mwm7u9SJj51srdb0to5_250                                            tumblr_mwm7u9SJj51srdb0to6_250 tumblr_mwm7u9SJj51srdb0to7_250                                            tumblr_mwm7u9SJj51srdb0to8_250  tumblr_mwm7u9SJj51srdb0to9_250

***How Doomsday should have ended***

Hey guys:

Do you Know that famous Youtube Suscriber called “Hish” or something like that?Well,if you know him you might already have seen this episode he created about Doctor Who “How Doomsday Should Have ended”.Can i just say this is the funniest episode i have ever seen of this guy!I have already seen some of his videos but this one is awesome..he makes the saddest episode of Doctor Who (Doomsday) and then he makes it the FUNNIEST episode of all.Eventhough,I got to say i was stabbing my heart while i was seeing it!I was crying but laughing at the same time!!It is really funny!


***It´s Nothing…It´s just a Wolf***

Hey guys:

New clip from the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with Billie Piper and John Hurt!This clip kind of gives us the idea of what will be Rose´s role in the 50th and apparently she is not Rose,but “Bad Wolf”.This is a huge thing,I mean now we kind of Know that Rose might help The Doctor with all the stuff of the Time War and maybe she doesn´t even know the Doctor or something!My god,please Moffat please dont harm Rose nor The Doctor Pleasee!!


***Doctor Who 50th anniversary: Check your place!***

Hey guys:

You don´t know if you will be able to see the 50th!?Don´t worry,I searched for the Official Page where they tell you in which cinema in the entire world you can watch the 50th Anniversary or if you couldn´t get some tickets you can also check in which channel the 50th anniversary will be transmited!Check it out,there a few days left for the 50th and you don´t want to miss it,Do you?!

**Doctor Who 50th Anniversary:Tv and Cinema Screenings


***What would The Doctor´s would like to Steal from each other?***

Hey guys:

I watched this video in the morning,and i got to say that i Laughed sooo much!!Specially when Matt said that he wanted to steal Rose away from the Tenth Doctor!That was hilarious!But don´t worry Matt,you might get some care and love from Billie or should I say: Don´t worry Doctor,you might also AGAIN get some love from Rose of course if she is not married!

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***Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: After party***

Hey guys:

Great news,just after the Day of the Doctor is over an after Party will be held on BBC Three with Zoe Ball and Rick Edwards joined by Matt Smith to discuss and make an enterview about the upcoming adventures of the Doctor.One Direction will be at the After Party to wish The Doctor a Happy birthday (luckily to all Directioners).

Zia Ball says that this will be a huge event for all the Fan´s all over the world and for the Cast of Doctor who.There will be the Doctor´!s Companions such as his deadly enemies!And the most amazing news are that the Fans will be able to meet the cast of DOCTOR WHO on backstage!This surely are great news for all of us (but because of my bad my luck i won´t be there!=(! If you are able to go,then get me autograph from David and Matt please!!!)

Fan´s will be able to meet The Doctor who cast!

Fan´s will be able to meet The Doctor who cast!

***Doctor Who in Proms 2013***

Hey guys:

I was just lookig around the Internet when I saw the Proms from this year!I considered this year Proms amazing,specially because is dedicated to Doctor Who 50th anniversary!This year Proms was full of songs from Doctor Who also we could get to see the Doctor´s most terrible villains of all time!Everything together in only one event!

Obviously,everybody is excited about the 50th anniversary!Enjoy the Show!


***What to expect from the 50th anniversary?***

Hey guys:

as you know the 50th is closer and people are discussing what they want to see at the 50th anniversary and actually is a lot of stuff they want to see in the 50th,I am part of the ones that wish the impossible I can´t lie about it I AM SUPER EXCITED!Anyway,as we have seen in the previous trailers and teasers there is a lot of new history like the Time War,the Impossible Girl,The Day of The Doctor and of course the Return of the Tenth Doctor which are big news for us!So i got an article for you guys that might contain some spoilers or something so if you want to read it,it will be on your own risk!



***Poster from Doctor Who 50th Anniversary***

Hey Guys:

I founded this poster..What do you think?Is it FanMade or what??I don´t know but i really liked it,makes me want to see the 50th even more!!



I got another picture from the 50th:

Other amazing pic!!

Other amazing pic!!

***The Day of the Doctor:Save the Day Teaser***

Hey Guys:

I just got to say i spended the whole day looking for the video but all i could find where these two gifs!!My god I used every word existing in the world related to Doctor Who to find the real Teaser but I just couldn´t find it!!But luckily for me i fouded this gifs,there are short but there are something!

tumblr_mwgzmtqsX51qk6mq4o1_500           tumblr_mwgzmtqsX51qk6mq4o2_500

***Doctor Who cast at the Buckingham Palace***

Hey Guys:

I got some pics for you from the cast of Doctor Who.They went to The Buckingham Palace for the 50th anniversary,but not just the Doctor and Companion´s also the Daleks!They visited the Palace for the 50th anniversary that will be on just a few days!!The only thing i got to say is: Queen Elizabeth,you are soooo lucky!!!The 50th anniversary is closer than we think!











Matt smith arriving to the Palace!!

Matt smith arriving to the Palace!!

***David Tennant and Matt Smith Together on the Graham Norton Show***

Hey guys:

Big News: David tennant and Matt Smith will be together on the Graham Norton Show this Saturday 23rd!!They will have a lot,A LOT to talk about the 50th anniversary!I mean,this chapter will be Epic!!So,don´t miss this chap.of the Graham Norton Show!!

Could this week become more WONDERFUL!!??



**50 anniversary:Gifs**


Look,look if you didn´t see the video of the 50th (which i think you did)then here is a little resume of what was the TRAILER about!WOW!

tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo2_r1_250                                        tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo3_r2_250

tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo4_r2_250                            tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo1_250

tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo5_r3_250                                            tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo7_r1_250

tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo8_r1_250                                            tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo6_r2_250


After I saw this i just got one thing to say: WOW!


BBC,you really need to make time pass faster,we all want to see the 50th anniversary and cry a POND!….Auuu AMELIA!!I wish she could be at the 50th,i miss her a lot!

**This is going to be a though week!**

Hey guys:

I was just realizing that this week will be the toughest of all! I can assure you that the BBC will Spoil us even more about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who or stay quiet without saying a thing about it just like Sherlock Season 3!Yep,this week is tough I mean;Friday 22nd CATCHING FIRE,Saturday 23rd THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO and Sunday 24th SHERLOCK SEASON 3!This week is dedicated to all of us,THANKS BBC!

This week i am surely going to cry a river!My god!I just cant´t wait for the 50th!I saw a few hours ago,the last episode “The Name of the Doctor” and i remembered the first time i saw it,when in the screen said that it was going to be back on November 23rd,I kind of cried the whole PACIFIC OCEAN!I was diying!How could they do that!?Hopefully,there is just ONE WEEK LEFT for the 50th and Sherlock,THANK GOD!

I am just a little confused:Rose Tyler i very different than the other!Imagine if when she bcame BAD WOLF she kind of made a copy in Gallifrey or something and there are two rose Tyler!I don´t know but i kind of got a bad feeling about all of this!!


**Teens React to Doctor Who**

Hey guys:

Remember  I published  a video called “Doctor Who in 6 minutes” created by the FineBrothers?Well,they realeased a new episode this week about Doctor Who,specially because of the 50th anniversary OF COURSE!!Anyway,i want to share it with you guys,but i just gor something to say to you,you might be wantindg to kill some of the teens that appear here because they DON´T KNOW ABOUT THIS SHOW or because they say the show is PATETIC!!Yep,i nearly had a heart attack when i heard that!I really wanted to kill them!!But anyway i hope you guys feel the same as me after you see it.


**Doctor Who 50th anniversary:Poster**

Hey guys:

I founded a poster of the 50th anniversary and it gets my FEELS!!Ouuu…I feel the 50th closer and closer!!this weeek is going to be FANTASTIC!!

The 23rd of November is going to be te best day of my life!

The 23rd of November is going to be te best day of my life!