NaruHina and SasuSaku….Is now an Official OTP??

Hey my Lovely and Amazing Bloggers: Yeah,I know! “You are late” or “You left us”.I am really sorry guys but i kind of not have enough time now that I´m in Highschool, actually I just finished Final exams and also i just started vacations so there will be a lot of activity in this 3 […]

***First Blog Contest!!:Doctor Who***

Hey guys: So,I wanna make a little contest before series 8 of Doctor Who starts!I was thinking,if there is a New Doctor then there has to be a New Screwdriver or something new!So,do you want me to do a contest??!!So here is the thing,how do you think the new screwdriver will be? So here is […]

***Naruto Shippuden 665:The Current Me***

Hey guys: I felt kind of disappointed with this week´s manga.Why??Well,is kind of becoming so predectible,I am not saying I know what is going to happen in the next chapter of the manga neither that it is boring,but I am saying this because it kind of making you expect the things that are going to […]

***Bleach Manga 567-569****

Hey Guys: Just read Bleach manga and all I have to say is OMG! I couldn´t read it because i wa son exams so I couldn´t publish anything about the last chapters,i wanted to read it soo bad but I couldn´t!The worst of all is that I was spoiled by every single page of Bleach […]

***Naruto Shippuden 663: Absolutely***

Hey Guys: How are all of you doing after reading today´s manga??Well,I am feeling happy and a little bit worried/sad at the same time.First because of the issue of Sakura grabbing Naruto´s heart so he can survive!I mean,thanks to Sakura we might see Naruto standing up again next week,yeah,of course but I mean…when I was […]

***Bleach 566: What is your Fear?***

Hello Guys: I just read todays Bleach Manga and all I can say about is: OMFUCKINGGOD!!I don´t say this just because is Bleach,I say it because Rukia becomes such a motherfucker BADASS!This chap.really made me love her even more,if i was in love with her on the past now i want to marry her!Ok,maybe that […]

***Sherlock Complete Season 3:Review***

Hello Guys: So yesterday I finished watching Sherlock Series 3 because where I live they start to put them on the T.v like two months after the Season premiere was released,so i kind of had to wait a week and then another week and then other to finally finish watching the season finally,so i want […]

***Bleach 565:God Like You***

Hello guys: Ok,this weeks manga was all about Ishida being with the bad guys!And guys in my opinion the manga is getting Better and BETTER!I mean we know that something big is going to happen between Ichigo and Ishida when Ichigo finds out about Ishida joining the bad guys,because if i am not wrong,no one […]

***Naruto Shippuden 662: The Real End!!***

Hello Guys: Don´t let the title disappoint you!It is just the Real End of all hope the world hoped to have!Yes,if you have already read the manga you will notice that THE WHOLE WORLD is crying and wishing to die as soon as possible: Naruto and Sasuke are already DEAD! Ok,lets review this new chapter: […]

***Back from my little vacations!! and E-MAIL Function***

Hello Guys: “WE HATE YOU!”,that is what you probably are saying in this moments because you didn´t receive any e-mail or notification about me and my blog,but I took some vacations before my first week of class and during that week!But i promised myself that i was going to be back,so here I AM!Don´t worry,I […]

***Matt-Week:Tribute Videos and Funny Moments***

Hey Guys: Gonna Show you every video: Tribute Video or Funny Video about Matt Smith as the Doctor!Every video includes his moments with Karen Gillan,Arthur Darvill,Alex Kingston or Jenna Louis Coleman.I have founded many AWESOME Videos made by Fans to remember us when Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor!The videos I founded were pretty amazing […]

***Matt-Week:Matt Smith Interview ,Top Gear Lap and EXTRA***

Hey guys: Lets continue with our Matt week before New Years Night!!So,I am going to publish Interviews made to Matt Smith,Funny Moments,Reasons why he is awesome and wonderful and more!!So hold on you seats because we will start remembering our dear Matt Smith and his greatest moments as the Doctor in the TARDIS! So this […]

***Liebster Award Nomination: FrikiOrgullosa13!!***

Hey Guys: Ok!Big news!!OMG!I was nominated for an award:Liebster Award!And I want really,really to thank Otaku Orbit for nominating me to the Liebster Award,I really appreciate it!Thank you!!!You are really helping me to make my blog even better!! If you are asking yourselves “What is this awesome LiebsterAward our AWESOME Blogger was just nominated for”? […]

***Raggedy Man,Goodnight***

Hey Guys: Fisrt publish for Matt-Week!Video made by Primevalrocx.Great Video for Matt Smith for his last hour.Enjoy and hold all your tears. Extra Video made by PoisonDesiresx “Raggedy Man,Goodnight” Honestly they are a lot of great Videos so if you want to check them out I will Put you the links below.But I considered this […]

***Matt-Week:Matt Smith special weekend!!***

Hey guys:: Well,we will start today our special Matt Smith weekend because he deserves a special week full of love and remembering all Matt Smith´s fantastic Moments,wonderful and funny moments while he was as The Doctor,still he is the Doctor,but I mean we all love him and we know that he deserves a special Weekend!! […]

***Happy Birthday Ross Shor Lynch!!!***

Hey guys: Passing by to say and wish a happy birthday to ross Lynch!!!Have a wonderful day!!I wish you the best for you and your whole family!!!Love you so much!!!I mean,who doesn´t love you that much???!!!Hahaha!!Huge fan!!Have an amazing day,full of love and joy!!!I LOVE YOU!! Yeah,i love him!I am a girl,I like him,He is […]

***Bad News!!Sorry,no posts today!!***

Hey guys: I just wanted to deliver you guys a little message that I won´t be able to post nothing today!Remember I told you that I was going to make an special Matt Smith weekend!?Well,I have some problems now and i won´t be able to do it,so instead i will do it this whole week;MOnday-Friday!!Great […]

***The Time of the Doctor: REVIEW!!***

Hey Guys: How are you doing?Have you already seen the Christmas Special of Doctor who:The Time of the Doctor??Yes??Well,it is time for a Review of the Chap.So that means that this post will be kind of long and also will include a lot,LOTS of tears!!So,lets start shall we?  Lets start from the beginning.I think you […]

***Bleach 563: Death and Strawberry***

Hey Guys: I really hate the Super Hero villain that Renji is fighting!He really makes me mad and is awful!I hate those type of villains,there are so ridiculous!They like get their super powers with so ridiculous explanations or situations like this guy!He gets on my nerves!If I had to fight a enemy like that and […]

***Naruto Shippuden 660:The Hidden Heart***

Hey Guys: Naruto´s manga this week was pretty awesome!At least that is what I think,because we finally see a close relationship between Shukaku and Gaara.We see why Shukaku hated so much Garaa,because he kind of considered it as the other people he had been guarded by.Also,we see that the Beasts somehow has a relationship with […]

***No posts of the Time of the Doctor till TOMORROW!!***

Hey guys: For those who haven´t seen the Christmas Special:The Time of The Doctor,I will not start publishing till tomorrow about the Christmas Special,so don´t worry guys,I will not publish anything that could spoil you,until tomorrow!Well,to tell you the truth,I haven´t seen the Christmas Special yet and I have been spoiled by my friends and […]

***Sherlock Holmes Mini Episode: Many Happy Returns-Series 3***

Hey Guys: Woke up this morning and remembered: “OMG,Sherlock´s Mini Episode,MUST SEE” so i finished seeing it and decided to share it with you guys.AMAZING I mean we all know that Sherlock didn´t die because they showed it to us in the last Chap.of Series 2 when he was seeing Watson visiting “Sherlock´s Grave” that […]

***Shingeki No kyojin:Live Action Movie-Is it true???***

Hey guys: I know that they have been some rumors about a Shingeki No kyojin:Live Action Movie and that the whole world is saying that they will start filming on the 2014 and they expect the movie to be released in 2015,but to tell you the truth guys I don´t really think there will be […]

***Doctor Who Clip: “I need a Boyfriend”***

Hey guys: New clip from the Time of the Doctor!Clara asks the Doctor to be her imaginary boyfriend which he does not denies to be,he quickly says yes!!Ok,I am now shipping Clara and The Doctor,I don´t know why but I really hope they become a couple or just wanna be!But now that won´t be possible […]

***My Doctor Who Fan Video:The Story of The Doctor´s Life***

Hey Guys: I don´t Know if  I ever mentioned to you that i was going to give you all a surprise of Doctor Who.If I didn´t then…SURPRISE!I made my own Doctor Who Fan Video to celebrate the 50th anniversary and Matt Smith´s Farewell.I really liked it so I hope you guys like it too!It took […]

***Four Days till the Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys: Just here to remember you that the day to suffer is close,if you know what I mean.The BBC always celebrates Christmas in an awful way,making fandoms cry and suffer and by that they make Christmas like Halloween or something worst than anything,it is nothing like Christmas,it is worst than anything!That is the reason […]

***Doctor Who Christmas Special: “It doesn´t do Turkey”***

Hey Guys: I founded a new clip from the Christmas Special of Doctor Who and is kind of Great!!The Doctor is in another family Christmas party as he was with Rose and her family!This time is Clara´s family!I wonder what they will say the whole family when they meet the Doctor,considering that they think the […]

***Matt Smith Naked in Doctor Who Christmas Special***

Hey Guys: A few minutes ago I was checking around TUMBLR and the moment I saw the new images from the Christmas Special of Doctor Who I started to shout all around the house,but also my face became Really,Really RED!!I could see most of Matt Smith´s Body and don´t judge me Guys,I am a girl […]

***How to Train Your Dragon 2: OFFICIAL Trailer***

Hey Guys: I founded the OFFICIAL Trailer of How to Train Your Dragon 2.Nowadays,people love to see second chapters of a movie,and I am not saying all second chapters are good,some of them are awful like they wanted to make a second chapter of The Last Airbender which in my opinion is a bad idea!The […]

***The Time of the Doctor:Extended Trailer***

Hey Guys: Founded the Extended Trailer of the Day of the Doctor and basically the Trailer are just Tears and more Tears! I am Dying slowly and quietly!!Ok this is just being mean,MEAN!They keep spoiling us with sad moments instead with happy moments like I don´t know,THE NEW TARDIS for example!!I mean why they have […]

***The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Gets Drunk!…..Again***

Hey Guyss: I saw the last chap from the Big Bang Theory yesterday:OMG! We finally get to see Sheldon drunk….AGAIN and touching Amy´s Butt!Yep,he touched Amy´s butt,just like she wanted to! I really enjoyed this much.The gang is celebrating Thanksgiving Day at Howard´s Mom house,so Bernadette invites his dad at the dinner so he […]

***Doctor Who:Time of the Doctor TV Trailer***

Hey Guys: I just saw this new TV Trailer from The Christmas Special of Doctor Who and I started to die slowly!Have you seen it??Noo??Let me show you my suffering in a horrible TV Trailer!! Why is there a hand of a skeleton on the Tv Trailer???!!Why!??Someone please Tell Me!!This is too much!I mean are […]

***Bleach 562: The Villain II***

Hey Guys: Bleach manga this week I consider it was amazing!I think it was time to give Renji a little bit of hero time!I don´t know if you haven´t noticed but Renji is kinda pretending to act like Ichigo!I mean,he looks like him,acts like him and it is hilarious!If you see todays manga you will […]

***Naruto Shippuden 659: Rinbo Hengoku***

Hey guys: I just read Naruto Manga and i will tell you the exact same thing I told you in older posts….NARUTO MANGA NEEDS TO END!!Now!Is just the story is getting a little bit boring and predictable like I told you,and is like they want to make it longer and longer but lets face it […]

***Will Bleach Anime Return and When!!??***

Hey Guys: If you are reading it is because you are as desperated as I am to see Bleach Again as an Anime!Ok,Bleach anime ended because Tv Tokyo wanted to make an special schedule for Naruto SD but I mean it seems like a year since we last saw a Bleach episode,it is not Naruto […]

***Problems:Help me to make my blog better***

Hey guys: You know that I started my blog not a lot time ago,but i want to make it even better for you guys to like it even more!Anyway,I am having some problems,well actually is a question that needs to be answered,Hope you ca help me with it: Ok,what i want to make is that […]

***Doctor Who: Farewell to Matt Smith***

Hey Guys: You know that we are  closer to Christmas,so we are closer to Matt Smith farewell!! Ok,I know you what are saying now: “YOU DIDN´T HAVE TO REMEMBERED IT TO US!” I am sorry,but anyway the BBC is going to make an special episode/interview about Matt Smith,I think it is kind of cute}1But when […]

****The Doctor becomes a Psycho****

Hey Guys: Matt smith,the star from Doctor Who is becoming Patrick Bateman in the new London Production “American Psycho”.He will play the Metrosexual,Patrick Bateman (OMG!!),who is a businessman who is also a murderer based in the novel of  Bret Easton Elli´s. The musical adaptation of this novel was runned on December 3rd of this year […]

***Happy Birthday Mayim Bialik***

Hey Guys: Today is Mayim Bialiks Birthday!! Happy 38th Birthday Mayim Bialik!Happy Birthday to Sheldons Nerdy Girlfriend who we all love!!Hope Sheldon finally gives her what she wants,and I think we all know what she wants from Sheldon,don´t we??!! Hahaha..Today is going to be a great night for her!Jajaj Happy Birthday Pretty Princess Amy Farrah […]

***The Doctor and Sherlock***

Hey guys: I know some of you guys have been wondering what would happen if the Doctor and Sherlock were together in the same room,well in this case in the TARDIS! “Months after an encounter with a mysterious ‘Doctor’, Sherlock becomes obsessed with discovering more about this impossible man… until the man makes an unexpected […]

***Doctor Who:The Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys: I got you some promo photos from the Time of the Doctor!This promo photos were released little by little,just for you not to get spoiled!!I can of waited,and waited,and waited more till there were more photos so you could see them all!Anyway,this are the photos I got,so I hope you SHOUT and FANGIRL […]

***Supernatural Jokes while filming***

Hey guys: Ok1Lets talk about how we love Jensen,Misha and Jared when they are together!I think that they spend like three days to try to film one scene!They are joking everytime and every single moment they are joking!But the best of all is that they kind of do it already planned,like they plan everything all […]

***Naruto Shippuden 658: Bijuu vs. Madara***

Hey guys: Last week Naruto Shippuden manga was released: Naruto Shippuden 657:Madara Uchiha is Back. Ok,can i just say that this was kind of what I was expecting to happen!!The Bad Guy comes back to life and tries to make a bad world and wants to kill everybody by having a wonderful power,but i have […]

***Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys: As I promised,i will start publishing things today!So,I will start with the best news of all: The new Trailer of the Time of the Doctor-.The Christmas special! We are all excited to know that Christmas Day is close and if Christmas Day is close soo is The Christmas Special!Do you remember that post […]

***I´M BACK***

Hey Guys: I am sooo sorry I promised you i will be back on Monday but my exam results had some problems so everything got messed up so everything didn´t work out as i wanted. I was like this during my final exams!! Anyway,i got good grades (if you where wondering about it) everything went […]

***The time of the Doctor and More:Extended Clip Trailer***

Hey guys: A new trailer  for the Christmas special was released by the BBC,we surely are all waiting for this moment and we all know that we are going to die when we see this!This contains clips from the christmas special of DW! I mean,THERE ARE SOO MANY FEELSS!!I am going to miss Matt Smith […]

***Bad News:Not many posts this week***

Hellow Guys: Bad News for all of you that like to see my blog and likes my posts,unfortunately this week i will not be able to Publish stuff,maybe some posts but not a lot!I am starting my final exams this week,and i might not be able to publish stuff since I will be too busy […]

***This is too much!!**

Hey guys: Ok!May i just say this is too much!!I mean,I know he like caused the Time War but jajaja this is just…I can´t find the words! Maybe when you watch it,you will know what I am Talking about! Ok!It is a great video,funny and with a lot of sense!!Jajaja But i just can´t take […]

***Matt Smith´s Clone***

hey guys: Well,if you check my last posts,you can find the chap.when David Tennant and Matt Smith are together in the Graham Norton show because of the 50th anniversary.Anyway,if you saw the part where people start to tell their stories you might remeber this:            Ok people,we have now founded Matt Smith´s […]

#Sherlock Lives!!!***

Hey Guys: Sherlock is returning!Aparently,Sherlock is returning next year,i though it was last week!I was fooled!!Anyway,i am so excited for his returning!I mean,Sherlock is one of the best Tv shows I have ever seen in my life!It is not just because he is cute,it is also because the way he solves things!I mean,everytime I solve […]