superwholock_wallpaper_by_chaosblacke-d649gnv        Samantha Aguilar Hernandez

SUPERWHOLOCK and also OTAKU…I must say I am a FREAK,but being FREAK to me is being ORIGINAL…

I Like a lot ANIME,DOCTOR WHO,SUPERNATURAL and SHERLOCK…. I hate COFFEE and bad FANDOMS…I Like..uhmm.. alot of things specially TELEVISION SERIES,so you might also find here TELEVISION SERIES such as: BIG BANG THEORY,                        TWO AND A HALF MEN,FRIENDS…and of course SCI-FI SERIES and ANIME series..I will keep you in touch with everything new that comes out from this SERIES…you can check it ONCE A WEEK..or maybe TWICE A WEEK…HAVE FUN CHECKING THIS BLOG..=3


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