Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Death Peck/Ponymonium (Review)

Although these episodes were really funny and entertaining, I don’t think they brought important pieces of information to the main plot of the series. 

These episodes were really funny. It was interesting to see other Magic Kingdoms but I wouldn’t say these episodes were in some way important to the story. I don’t know. That’s my own personal opinion.



The episode starts right after the events of “Starfari”. In this episode, we see Star in the Pigeon Kingdom asking for Prince’s Richard Pigeon signature on the “Petition of Friendship”. This petition would allow Mewmans and monsters to live together in peace and have equal rights. However, the pigeons don’t seem to understand what she is saying; they are unresponsive to her request and they act as normal pigeons.

Unable to understand, Marco suggests Star to put the pen in Richard’s claw and sign the petition for him. However, Star feels uncomfortable with that suggestion. Marco grabs the pen and places it on Richard’s claw but breaks Richard’s leg accidentally. This angers the pigeons and they start to chase Marco, Star and Pony Head through the castle. Star tries to cast a spell to defend herself but remembers that she left her magic wand back at the castle.

The pigeons continue to chase them into Richard’s bedroom and they barricade the door. In a back room, Pony Head discovers Richard’s collection of fake legs, including a giant pair of animatronic legs. The pigeons enter the room but Star, Marco and Pony Head use the legs to escape. The pigeons block the castle exit, and Star out of worry for damaging the pigeons and not getting Richard’s signature, she makes the legs stop and fall over. Star tries to apologize to the pigeons and clear the mess but when Pony is caught stealing Richard’s treasure and Richard itself, this angers the King and Queen of the pigeons. They sentence them to “death by a thousand pecks” but just before Marco continues to suffer from the thousand pecks (this is so funny) Richard enters and demands that Star and her friends be released (like with actual words) revealing that Richard can, in fact, speak and understand English. Richard claims that he is unhappy with how his kingdom continues to be ruled by old ways and that because of this he wants to join Star’s cause in bringing monsters and Mewmans together.


King and Queen agree and let Star, Marco and Pony Head free. Richard signs the petition, and Star apologizes for all the trouble caused. They celebrate by eating worms (not Star and her friends, but they literally give them worms. Yum, delicious) but Star, Marco and Pony Head refuse to eat them (Pony is great because she literally leaves).



This episode was great. It literally was like seeing The Shining (which is actually true because that was Daron’s idea. To create an episode like The Shining).

In this episode, Star goes to Pony Head’s Kingdom for dinner with Pony Head and her family. As Pony welcomes Star, she tells Star that her sisters are completely insane and they have been trying to take her out of the line to the throne.

Star finally meets Pony Head sisters but she realizes she doesn’t remember any of their names, so Pony Head’s sisters start to get in line presenting each other and preparing for a musical number, but Pony Head immediately interrupts them asking them to not start a musical number. The group sits down to eat and King Pony Head joins them in the table to summon food which starts to fall from the ceiling (he was so excited for food. That’s how I get when I know it is time to eat). When Star notices that there is an extra plate on the table she asks whose is it and one of the sisters tells her that it is for their sister Teta who ran away. Asking for Teta made things worse since Pony Head’s little sister starts to cry and the twins start to play sad music on their record player. Frustrated by her sister, Pony Head angrily leaves and Star follows her.


Star tries to confront Pony Head for her behavior but Pony Head continues to complain about her sisters which frustrates Star. Star returns with Pony Head’s sisters, who claim to be fed up with Pony Head, her behavior towards them and her abuse as the next in line to the throne. They invite Star to have fun with them as they start to consider her as part of their family.

They let Star join their secret project against Pony Head. They plan to fake the death of Teta (who didn’t actually run away. She is hiding in the closet) and blame it on Pony Head so she never gets to inherit the throne. Shocked, Star tries to convince them of not doing it but they refuse since they believe Pony Head would make a terrible ruler. The sisters start to discuss who should be the heir to the throne once Pony Head is gone which starts to get a little bit tense between them. Star decides to leave in the middle of the discussion and tell Pony Head about her sister’s plans but they threaten to harm her if she tells Pony Head about their plans.

Just then, Pony Head enters, having overheard everything her sisters talked about and recorded it in her compact mirror. Pony Head reveals that the reason why she invited Star over to dinner was to catch her sisters in the act since she suspected they were planning something against her already. Angrily, Star storms out and confronts Pony Head for not telling her and making her feel like just a tool. But Pony Head tells her that despite all the arguments and problems she gets with her sisters, she loves and cares for them. Star tells her that she simply doesn’t understand sisterhood, but Pony Head says that she considers Star her sister, and they reconcile with a hug. After saying goodbye to King Pony Head and the rest of the family (Pony Head is so funny in here. He actually doesn’t like to live with his family) she leaves in her magic cloud.


OK, so this will not be a long review. As I said, I don’t think these episodes were great or important to the plot. They were ok. There is always an ok episode in a series. So you could say these were the ok episodes.

For Death Peck.

We actually saw Star putting in action her plan to give Mewman and monsters equal rights, which is great. Love that she is trying really hard to change Mewni old ways. It is also amazing that Richard can talk, but it is sad that they couldn’t do that before. Which is strange. If they are considered royalty, they shouldn’t be afraid of talking. Is not like they are going to do something to them. They are Royalty.

Star has changed so much in this season for good and for bad. I think she is being too intense with the plan of making everyone equal. I mean she risked Marco’s and Pony Head’s lives for a signature, which is not cool. I just hope Star can realize that, although her cause is great, she needs to be careful with how she puts her plan into action. I don’t want to see her or someone close to her harmed because of such an amazing cause.


For Ponymonium.

I liked this episode. It was ok. I mean I did have fun meeting Pony Head’s sisters but I felt like we were back in season 1 with episodes bringing nothing to the plot of the show. Don’t get me wrong, It was great that they tried to make like a parody of The Shining. I loved that. I wished we could have seen more of that. But, I just don’t think this episode was even worth watching. I don’t know, that’s my opinion. It was fun but not interesting enough to catch my attention.

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Pony Head sisters are crazy, that is true but I mean all sisters are crazy. I have a sister and we are both crazy so we balance each other. We do get along though. We love each other, sometimes. There are other times we want to kill each other but that feeling lasts for like 5 minutes.

So, that’s basically it for my review. It wasn’t long. I just didn’t have much to cover. As I said, I did not find these episodes so interesting. They were fun but not vital to the plot of the show.

I think these will be the only episodes like this in season 3. I believe upcoming episodes will be way more interesting and important for the plot of the show. As I said, there is always the OK episode in a show. You can’t miss it. It’s like giving you a break from all that is happening, which is fine with SVTFOE because things are getting SUPER WEIRD this season.

Star’s dress Ponymonium was designed by cartoonist Jay Lazenby, who submitted artwork of the dress for Disney XD’s “satARTday” fan art challenge. CONGRATULATIONS JAY!

Review for the last 2 episodes of the two week event and the mid-season finale is taking longer than I expected. Sorry. I am trying to include theories that I’ve found on Tumblr that seem pretty convincing so I am analyzing everything from the episode. Plus, I am putting the mid-season finale as a separate review. Make sure to check my blog for the review for Night Life / Deep Dive and Mid-Season Finale Monster Bash.

Make sure you watch the episodes in an Official source to support the show! Facebook and Youtube are not official sources and they don’t support the show. 


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