NaruHina and SasuSaku….Is now an Official OTP??

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Yeah,I know! “You are late” or “You left us”.I am really sorry guys but i kind of not have enough time now that I´m in Highschool, actually I just finished Final exams and also i just started vacations so there will be a lot of activity in this 3 months and then maybe they will decrease or there will not be any activity at all,who knows…maybe I can get some free time during classes….We´ll see!

Official OTP? NaruHina and SasuSaku?
Official OTP? NaruHina and SasuSaku?

So,if you have being keeping up with the manga then you might have notice a little bit of NARUHINA and SASUSAKU moments (more NaruHina) even if they are short or kind of not clear,you can see that it is a moment for these pairs.If you go and check Tumblr in the tags of Naruhina and SasuSaku you might notice that everyone is FREAKING OUT! (At least I AM!!)

So lets´start with the OTP of SASUSAKU:

They are some complications with this couple.We see some moments when they kind of express their feelings towards each other,they kind of get mixed feelings.So lets see the current moments on the manga.

For example,CHAPTER 676
tumblr_inline_n5ybnf9j9W1s5nmhuSo,Sakura suddenly attacked Madara (I really don´t understand what she was    planning to do but…well) and she gets “Stabbed” or something like that.Naruto  and Sasuke run to her rescue,they succeed,Naruto worries about Sakura asking  her if she is ok but she really does not care about answering Naruto,she seems to  care more about Sasuke asking her if she is Ok….but he doesn´t.

Complicated huh?? Well,I am gonna tell you what I think about this chap.I really  don´t think that Sasuke didn´t care about Sakura,I just think that he is the kind of  guy that when his woman gets hurt he tries to get vengeance or attacks his opponents with all he gots…so don´t worry dear Sakura you will get the attention you want from him.

My favorite moment about this couple in the last chapters is quite old but AMAZING!

We all have to admit that Sakura has become pretty strong and her nickname as USELESS is not longer suitable for her and for any of the Naruto Female Characters and Sasuke has noticed this in several occasions.IMG_0736

I just love this part: Look at SASUKE!!!OMG!!I loved this moment so much!I can say that Sasuke is really proud of Sakura and that now he can see how much she means to him…They are both pretty strong and they kind of take care of each other so that is why I ship this couple so much! Sakura might say that she doesn´t feel the same about Sasuke anymore but I really think that both of them have feelings for each other,maybe for Sasuke we can´t be quite sure because he is not a romantic guy or something but the manga is kind of giving us signs…..

tumblr_n610qdVz2W1s03pxpo1_500The SasuSaku moments are few but they give us hope.I really think that Masashi is now focusing more in the Fourth Great Ninja war than in couples like Sasuke and Sakura,but during the hole conflict of the war he has being developing the relationships between “Couples” so maybe we will get to see more moments of SasuSaku in the next chapters. Declaring Sasuke and Sakura (SasuSaku) as an official,there hasn´t been enough evidence that proofs they are now an OTP so is quite confusing and all SASUSAKU shippers are waiting desperately for a moment between them…all we can do now is wait…..just WAIT.

And now is the turn of NARUHINA:

I am quite excited about this couple,they have been just PER-FECT! I have to admit (as you will notice while reading the following) I am a NARUHINA shipper (huge shipper) so i have been fangirling since the Fourth Great Ninja War started… Why??!! Do you really need me to answer that?

NaruHina moments (more than we can handle) have been shown all around the Ninja War (or that´s what most NaruHina shippers declare) and i am not giving them the reason because I am a NaruHina shipper,but because it is true.So many moments have been shown during the last chaps of the manga (Amazing and Cute Moments) so lets start talking about them,shall we?

First moment during the Fourth Great Ninja War was a Mindblown! NaruHina  shippers went crazy (including me) when this moment happened,they all thanked  Masashi Kishimoto through TUMBLR,FACEBOOK,SKYPE,PINTEREST,WE HEART  IT,TWITTER and GOOGLE+ (ok,the last one is a lie; no one uses Google+,no one  cares about it..),they were all going crazy in every social media,it was a BIG DEAL!  Which moment I´m talking about? Well,the first one…Naruto and Hinata holding  hands.

Does this makes them an OFFICIAL OTP? Well,that´s the question. We all hope to be answered in the next manga chapters and more NaruHina moments are to come.


So,Neji died(still crying) and Obito started to “coco wash” Naruto´s head.Hinata  noticed this and SLAPPED HIM. Yep,like he was slapped by Hinata (but not with a  bad intention) but with a good one.Hinata realized that Naruto was being  manipulated by Obito, telling Naruto that his friends were all gonna die and that  the path he had choosen was “useless” or “not the right one?” something like  that.Hinata made Naruto see that if he gave up on his Ninja Way then everything  would have been done in vaine,that Neji´s dead was in vain and that all his  dreams will become also in vain…..and if he gave up that would be the true way of  him,killing his friends.

I really don´t know if I am the only one that thinks (obviously not) that Hinata  really made a huge thing here!! Why? Well,her character development just  surpassed any other. I am not saying she is the most important character  now;what I am trying to say here is that she really REALLY helped a lot!! Like  A  LOT! What would have happened if she hadn´t done it? Maybe Sakura would  have done it? Or someone else? I really do not know,but Kishimoto really gave  her a huge part in this scene. Many said this made this OTP official, I say that it doesn´t make it official neither impossible,just that there is still a lot to see coming for these two.What I can agree with is that Naruto realized (FINALLY) how much Hinata matters to him,how long she has being with him and how much she “loves and cares” about him! She became important for him in that moment and I am happy about it.

Certainly,that was the moment that freaked out all of us the most.But there are other moments after that which freaked us the same. naruto81081mm4For Example, right after Naruto dies. There are some many theories you can find in Tumblr that explain you why Hinata feels when Naruto is harmed and so does Naruto with Hinata.  It all comes from Chapter 76 (I think) were Naruto  Makes a Promise to Neji right after Hinata is defeated  by him. The theory goes like this : Because of Naruto´s promise, they have been kind of connected since then because he tocuhed her blood and made a promise,that is why they can sense each other,they are CONNECTED… Also they support this theory that during the fight between Naruto and Neji,when Naruto was hurted Hinata could sense it,and she spilled blood just in the moment Naruto was…or something like that goes the thing.The thing is that the connection between Naruto and Hinata is because of the Promise he Made (with Hinata´s blood in his hand) to defeat him.
So since that Moment,Naruto and Hinata are  connected.. (according to NaruHina Theories)  which I think is kind of logical and there are many  things that can be “proven” with that theory like  when Naruto became the nine tailed fox (only six  tails) and right after he became Normal he asked  himself if he had destroyed and killed HINATA and the Whole Village.For a  moment he just sensed that Hinata was alive and he just started to cry.Ok,so  Naruto does not have any kind of Doujutsu like the Byakugan to see in a distance  and notice that Hinata is “alright”,he just sensed it by closing his eyes for a  moment and hoping to her and the whole village to be alright…was there a  Doujutsu included?? Uhmm..I don´t think so….He could see Hinata without any  Doujutsu,this is also another moment that supports the Theory of the Blood  Promise,that both are CONNECTED…

Manga moment coming to Anime!! Excited? Well,i will get that Kyaaa!! as a Yes...
Manga moment coming to Anime!! Excited? Well,i will get that Kyaaa!! as a Yes…

Sooo manyyy,MANY moments had happen during the last manga chaps that  support this theory….Naruto saving Hinata from being attacked,Hinata helping  Naruto to realize that not everything is lost,Naruto staying by her side during  the war and the recent one where Naruto worries about Hinata (which moment  I loved it with all my heart) (still fangirling*) really gives hope to NaruHina  shippers. We have also seen even in the anime that they are characters like Sakura and Kiba that support this couple.

A recent manga chapter shows a funny NaruHina moment when Kiba tells  Naruto not to act though now that Hinata has arrived,this was really epic although there was no reaction from Naruto,we really laughed a little bit.I used  to think that Kiba liked Hinata,I really don´t know what happened with him feeling that way but he does not longer feels jealous or angry about it,he kinds of help Hinata now to get Naruto´s attention maybe because they are some kind of alike (I have always thought that Kiba and Naruto are kind of alike). This moment in the manga has already being adapted to the Anime so I really laughed a lot while watching it.Suddenly,Kiba became my favorite character (jajaja…)

So now for all NaruHina shippers I am gonna just leave this here:

tumblr_inline_n5xh63keYu1rh8d2cThis moment on this week´s manga was heartbreaking and the moment all    NaruHina Shippers were waiting to happen.So the infinite Tsukuyomi is done (we  are all dead) and everyone got drapped into kind of cocoons? or something like  that? (Don´t worry, they will become beautiful butterflies! :3) So,what I  understand is that if you get wrapped like that you die…or something bad  (obviously) happens to you,I still really don´t get it but well…They were all in  problems: Shikamaru,the Mizukage,Choji,Ino etc. and also HINATA! Omg!Hinata  is in problem but also the villagers….is this important,of course but apparently  Kishimoto finded it more important to use 4 manga panels to focus on  Hinata.Why? Because NaruHina is already Official? Well,I don´t know but this was tumblr_inline_n5ybspI3Ai1s5nmhu kind of a big deal for all of us (NaruHina shippers).What I loved the most about    this little moment was Naruto´s reaction towards Hinata situation,again    CONNECTED…There is not a Doujutsu included or anything like that…just Hinata    saying Naruto´s name and that´s all it takes to make Naruto react and try to get to  her….but what happened? Well,a SasuNaru moment appeared and every  NaruHina started hating Sasuke.Kidding,he just wanted to protect Naruto  (SasuNaru moment),anyway I am dying to know what happens next with Hinata  and the others…(Please let it be another NaruHina moment :3) This moment in  the manga showed that Naruto really cares about Hinata,like he really really cares  about her,but I think Kishimoto decided to leave the NaruHina moment for later..I really have huge ambitions for this couple and I really hope a big moment at the end of the war for these two but right now is time to focus on the war and deal with the infinite Tsukuyomi.

So i had too much to say about NaruHina and just a little bit about SasuSaku.I really don´t know why Kishimoto is taking so long to make a SasuSaku moments like the ones with Naruto and Hinata,is it because he wants to keep the best until the end?Well,if he is doing it because of that,I really do not want it to keep it till the very end….Now is time to show us something,a little moment of two panels of the manga would be enough.He is developing pretty well the relationships between the characters and the OTP´s specially wth the NaruHina,there is a moment in every single chap of the manga (I am not mad at it) but I would also like (we would all like) a SasuSaku moment please.

tumblr_n19j8hAwb11sn057to1_500 Theres is still lots of things to see in the manga so the ship between Naruto and  Hinata will stop for a moment and Kishi will leave some chaps for the SasuSaku or  for the war,who knows?Maybe everything I am saying here makes no sense and  both Naruto and Sasuke will die (again) and the manga will end with Madara taking  over the world (Madara Shippuden),i really don´t know what is going to happen  between Sakura and Sasuke nor with Naruto and Hinata,neither with the world,we  will all have to wait till next week´s manga to figure it out (make it quick, please  Kishi).


tumblr_mlw9vxKdP31s1vsiso1_500So,is NaruHina and SasuSaku an Official OTP? Maybe,I don´t know and even if I knew I wouldn´t tell you (yeah,I am really bad),you would have to figure yourself….But I have to keep you in touch because I don´t know about it.NaruHina or NaruSaku? SasuSaku or NaruSasu? Difficult to tell but there is enough evidence to gives us an idea of what could happen between these two pairs of GummyBears (I really don´t know why I said that) and relax and let the manga continue until the new movie is released this year (Yep,a new movie,the last one at the end of this year).

I am just gonna tell you my opinion as a Naruto Fan and shipper: I really think these two couples will get together,in a weird way but they will kind of would get together.And if you are a NaruSaku and a SasuNaru (or something like that) I will not tell you to back off or give up already because there is still a lot to see happen in the manga and lots of things to happen so I would not say that you have like 100% confirmed that your OTP is lost,just to hang on and wait for it,that is the only thing you can do for now.

tumblr_m4ruqiIMIm1rrzxmao1_500 And if you are  a NaruHina and SasuSaku shipper,don´t get too excited…nothing  is decided yet,there are still things we haven´t seen and the manga isn´t over yet  so don´t trust too much on it.Just relax (if you can) and wait till next week  manga,maybe the OTP will be declared official there or  it will take a while.Just  hope for the best.

NaruHina and SasuSaku OFFICIAL OTP? Uhmm,not yet… MOSTLY PROBABLE  AND THAT IT WOULD BE PERFECT?? can say that!!! :3

So what do you think?Is it official or just a lie?


tumblr_n4ylpmLSho1syk7tbo1_500 tumblr_n4ylpmLSho1syk7tbo2_500






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