First Blog Contest!!:Doctor Who

Hey guys:

So,I wanna make a little contest before series 8 of Doctor Who starts!I was thinking,if there is a New Doctor then there has to be a New Screwdriver or something new!So,do you want me to do a contest??!!So here is the thing,how do you think the new screwdriver will be?

So here is what you have to do:Draw your own screwdriver!If there were a new screwdriver,how would it be?Which is screwdriver is the appropiate for our new Doctor!!So all you need to do is design a New Screwdriver and send it to the blog mail!


-You can use color or pencil

-It has to be a screwdriver (Obviously)

-You have to send it to my email

-You have till March 18th at 12:00 hrs (midnight)

-You can add whatever you want to the Drawing

And then I will publish the drawing you sent me and after that you can vote for the one you like,I haven´t decided yet the prize but the winner can ask me wathever they want to have as a prize (special week,video or something else).So get your pencils and start to draw you have till March 18 ok??Send it to my email and then we can vote.

So,this is kind of a pilot contest because It is the first time I start with this kind of things so let me know what do you thing of this!So…GET READY!!!



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