Naruto Shippuden 665:The Current Me

Hey guys:

I felt kind of disappointed with this week´s manga.Why??Well,is kind of becoming so predectible,I am not saying I know what is going to happen in the next chapter of the manga neither that it is boring,but I am saying this because it kind of making you expect the things that are going to happen,don´t you think????

Why is to difficult to bring Naruto back???!!He has being dead like for 5 chapters and not to mention Sasuke,poor guy...
Why is to difficult to bring Naruto back???!!He has being dead like for 5 chapters and not to mention Sasuke,poor guy…

So Obito is being controled by Zetsu or something like that,but Obito fights back because he was want to have a little “Chat” with Madara before he kills him in the easiest way of all!Before of that he starts to ask questions to Madara about helping him when he was young “What I am to you?”,that question sounds kind of weird.And we also discovered the true purpose of the chakra:”Connect” but people started to use it to fight and blablabla,basically what Madara wants is to disappear “evil” chakra???Ok,kind of weird but I can deal with that!I don´t think Chakra is evil,I mean I win my videogames battles of Naruto Shippuden storm 3 by using chakra, chakra is useful,I thank chakra for my victories on the battles I have online!!

Anyway,what really confused me alot is how Obito killed Madara!!What the hell!!??Quckliest way to kill a Villain!None ever thought about that??They were thousands of ninjas there and no one thought of that!??It only took him like 7 pages,and to the others there have been like 20 chapters!!!Ok,Obito is now the hero of the manga!!Next thing will be Obito Shippuden!

Apart from what is happening with Madara being stabbed by Obito´s hand or something andnaruto-4804329 Naruto Dying,do you remember a cute guy with dark hair whose family was killed by his brother who turned out to be good,and that he left Konoha for vengeance 3 years ago in the manga and also is the guy that Sakura likes??Do you remember him???Do you??Well,he is DYING!!!Ok people we have paid too much attention to Naruto and Madara,now Sasuke Uchiha deserves some attention too!!People,he is dying like 4 chapters ago,I mean Naruto still has a chance but Sasuke is lying on the ground dead and when we thought Karin was going to help him,as usual,she doesn´t help!I mean we should really tell Sakura about Sasuke!!OMG!Please someone doo something!!

Also there has been a mistery which haven´t being solved…who is the owner of the leg that appeared suddenly with Sasuke!!There are some good theories about whose leg is it,but there is one that i would like it to be true: Jiraiya is alive!!Yep,that is one of the most voted theories so far,and they have really good arguments about this:

-He is alive because the shadow doesn´t have an arm (Jiraiya died without an  arm)

-Orochiumaru mentioned something about an old man and he smiled (He refers to Jiraiya)

-No one ever founded Jiraiya´s body again (Jiraiya is alive)

-We see that the person is barefoot (Jiraiya died barefoot)

Well,what I think is that he was brought back with the Edo-tensei or something but I really don´t know,I just think those are kind of good theories.Anyway,I really expect a better chapter next week with more surprises.I am gonna tell you the truth,I think Naruto should finish already,Masashi needs to finish it already.I really want to see it end and not see it become the worst manga ending…at least that is what I think,it is time to leave the pencil Kishimoto,you have done a great job.

***Naruto Shippuden 665: The Current me***

My raection when Madara was "killed" in such an easy way...
My raection when Madara was “killed” in such an easy way…



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