Bleach Manga 567-569

Hey Guys:

Just read Bleach manga and all I have to say is OMG! I couldn´t read it because i wa son exams so I couldn´t publish anything about the last chapters,i wanted to read it soo bad but I couldn´t!The worst of all is that I was spoiled by every single page of Bleach I visited,so I kind of tried not to be on Internet till I read the manga,and somehow It didn´t work because I was already too spoiled and my friends are bad and told me about the chaps that i missed.soo couldn´t work.Finally,finished my exams and started to read the three chpters…Amazing!Just what I expected to happen,something awesome!!So i will start with Bleach 567!

***Bleach 567:Dance with Snowwhite***

The first thing I liked from this chapter was the title and the cover!I loved them soo much but my favorite thing was the title!Why?Well,because I think that the title describes Rukia perfectly and also makes her look amazing and as a delicate flower.Rukia is still my favorite character.

I really loved Rukia´s mew bankai I really think is the best Bankai ever!Ichigo will have to be more careful!Hahaha

I really think Rukia now can become a Captain!I mean she is a great shinigami,she really has to become a Captain in some part of the manga.Apart from that she now can threat Ichigo with killing him with freezing his body to dead or something!Hahah I really want to see Ichigo´s reaction when he sees Rukias Bankai.Actually,now that is soo cold and i start to feel cold i always say “Apparently,Rukia is now fighting!!”

I really loved Rukia´s new zampakuto I really think is the best zampakuto ever!Ichigo will have to be more careful!Hahaha actually my favorite character and my favorite heroine,and i think she is one of the most important characters of the whole manga.On this chapter we see it.I mean,Rukia because a badass girl,her zampakuto becomes sooo badass,that OMFG!I now love her more that i did before.Freezing an enemy like that??I was watching that chap with my friend and he was saying that the issue of Rukia being dead because she froze herself was just impossible and stupid,i told him that in this manga nothing was impossible.

***Bleach 568: Hear. Fear. Here 2***

Soooo victory lasted a few seconds!That emo was still alive after all!I hate him soo much and not only because he is alive,but because he attacked Rukia,NO ONE DOES THAT TO RUKIA!NO ONE!!

What I really liked about that chapter was that he showed Rukia´s fears!They were soo cute!We see that she really cares about Ichigo and Inoue,sooo much!!That is why I love her so much!She is afraid of the fact that Inoue left to protect her and the others,also Inoue telling her that she is weak!She is also afraid about the fact of losing Ichigo and more.Rukia is the greatest person of all.

Rukia´s care for Inoue,Ichigo and Byakuya makes her be even a better heroine!She surely is someone Amazing!
Rukia´s care for Inoue,Ichigo and Byakuya makes her be even a better heroine!She surely is someone Amazing!

I think that Rukia is stronger than what other people thinks.I have listen to people who says that Rukia is weak or useless as they say of Inoue or any other character they don´t like.They say they are weak or useless,but Rukia is not!Rukia is strong even when she is like this,attacked or in problems.Anyway,this chap was as cool as I thought but I really didn´t like the fact that the villain is kind of a creepy person,he is kind of scary!Well,I actually had some nightmares I think he could be a Japanese Slenderman or something like that!!Hahaha.

So,Rukia was almost “defeated”.Well,not defeated but about to get harmed but the chap couldn´t end without an important character:Kuchiki Byakuya!Dont ask me why is he alive or something because I don´t know,but what i know is that if Rukia has a new Zampakuto,why shouldn´t Byakuya have one too?SPOILERSS!!! =3

***Bleach 569: The White Haze***

So,byakuya came to help Rukia but he just spoke to the enemy!What really was amazing was that Rukia has finally a Bankai!I loved it,it seems so powerful and make me want to see the new chapter even more.Sode No Shirayuki Bankai:Hakka No Togame!What does the Bankai makes?I really don´t know!We will have to wait for next weeks manga to figure it out!


Rukia´s Bankai was one of the best things of this weeks manga,what make me laugh is that the enemy that I thought was an emo,turned out to be a guy that likes to tell jokes!He made a joke about Byakuya being harmed when both of them fought!”Did you lost weight”?Best joke ever made in a manga!!Hhahaha!Ok.he is not an emo anymore,I really would like Tite Kubo to make other characters like him!!!

So,in conclusion Rukia has become stronger than we think!Really strong!New Zanpakuto and a Bankai!Tite Kubo is really making Bleach a great manga that I think t should be on the First place of the list.I think we will see new things coming up on the next chapters so as new powers,characters and maybe even more problems for the main characters,we really can expect more about this manga and who knows,maybe it will last a couple of years more…We are just hping for the best.




My reaction when I saw Rukia´s New Zanpakuto and her Bankai:




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