Sherlock Complete Season 3: Review

Hello Guys:

So yesterday I finished watching Sherlock Series 3 because where I live they start to put them on the T.v like two months after the Season premiere was released,so i kind of had to wait a week and then another week and then other to finally finish watching the season finally,so i want to make the three episodes Review in one post because I really have alot of things to say,a lot of things to shout and confess also to criticize about the whole Season,which in my opinion was REALLY really AWESOME!

So,lets start from the beginning,which means from the first episode of this season:


I remember this gif was nominated the reaction of the year and whole TUMBLR used it for like a WHOLE YEAR and they still use it,this is EPIC!

The empty hearse was quite a confusing and funny episode.Why do I say this?Well,confusing because we really don´t know how did Sherlock survived,they were a lot theories through the whole episode;some of them were weird,others kind of makes you suspect while others are just a bad BAD joke.Also,I say this episode was funny because all the reactions made by Sherlock´s friends and important people like Watson,Mary,Molly(well,she kind of already knew),Mycroft(which also knew) and the EPIC reaction of Mrs. Hudson (EPIC REACTION).

So I am going to start from the Beginning!We see that Sherlock died like two years ago and Watson has already gone on with his life and met Mary.There is also a misterious person that has being solving worldwide problems and Anderson notices this and says that the man who is doing this is Sherlock and then starts to discuss his theories with him!Everyone suddenly realizes this i getting kind of weird so the whole episode we see people explaining their theories°Some of them quite convincing!

First Theory:

1° Sherlock´s Bungie Jump

Ok this theory kind of freaks me out because I wish it could be real but unfortunately is not,it is so obvious because if you see all the details and everything in the lasr episode of Season 2: The Reinchenbach Fall,there wasn´t a broken window.In my opinion this is not the real theory,there are a lot of things that justifies this theory as not the real one and I think that if you look closely in that scene you will notice them and realize what I am talking about!So,just watch it and then realize this is not the Real one,it is Too simple!So in my opinion this theory is out of my list.

Second Theory:

2° Sherlock kisses Moriarty

Ok,this is such a stupid theory and we can clearly see that Sherlock was moving his arms and legs while he was falling so this is just not right!The only thing I liked about this theory was the Sheriarty scene!Some of us really want this theory to be real but it is not because it was made by one of us:a Fan!Clearly,Moffat kind of gave us the pleassure to put a theory that could fit with us in this chap.And you gotta be honest maybe you haven´t made a FANFIC about Sherlock and Moriarty but you surely have read some of them if you are a cleary good fan of them!I really doubt that this is the real theory soo this one is DEFINETELY out of my list! Hahaha

Third Theory::

3° Sherlock tells Anderson the “REAL” theory

I couldn´t find any video showing just the Real Theory.So as you can see at the end f the Chap.Sherlock reveals how he survived but I think we all know that that is not the true theory and that they are not planning to show us the real one or maybe they will show it to us later,maybe series 4 or beginnings of series 5!We don´t know but i really doubt that is the Real Theory.


Ok we have a lot of reactions about this episode if I can guess correctly.Firstly,because we can see some cross feelings of Sherlock about Watson getting married to Mary.Watson named him the Bestman and since that episode we kind of noticed the abilities that Sherlock has for weddings and also we kind of started to notice about Mary,Sherlock at least started to suspect about her.Apart from that the wedding was amazing specially because of Sherlock´s Bestman speech!

So those were the epic moments of the episode and that made that episode quite good.Also we get to see Sherlock´s Future girlfriend (SPOILERS).But while Sherlock was making his best man speech he started suspecting about a crime Waston and him had already investigated but couldn´t find the responsible,so they were facing the same problem during the wedding.What i founded more interesting was the little kid that hugged Sherlock on the beginning because Sherlock made him kind of violent,started to show him murder pictures and all of that and then he promised to show him people headless and those kind of stuff,we kind of could see the next Sherlock Holmes!!

So basically for me this was the best episode of series 3!There were alot of things Sherlock noticed that could help him reveal other mysteries!and the next cap.reveals all of them,so you can´t watch the final episode if you hadn´t seen this one or the Empty Hearse,you know that if you don´t see them you don´t understand!And believe I couldn´t understant at first until I saw it like three times!!


Final Chap.of Sherlock Series 3!We gotta wait two years for the next season.It si like that image on TUMBLR:Doctor Who gets episodes whenever he wants,Merlin has no more episodes(he is the baby of the family who gets ignored) while Sherlock is the Rebel son of the BBC who gets grounded every time he offends or does something wrong and gets a new season 2 years later!It is like a family were BBC is in control!But anyway lets start with my last review of the last episode of the Season 3.

So basically,we get to see that Sherlock is solving a mystery and that while that he is drugged because of Watson abscense even if he denies it!This part was the best of the whole episode because Sherlock gets really funny and Watson takes Sherlock with Molly so she can kind of Snap him out!

So if we move on,i just going to tell you my opinions I am not going to tell you the whole episode!What I really liked from the last episode of series 3 : His Last Vow was the truth about Mary,well we don´t know exactly who is Mary and what did she do in the past but the part were Sherlock finally sees who Mary is,is just EPIC!tumblr_inline_myuiqvWoeQ1rabam8


Also,we see Sherlock´s mid palace!What is a mind palace?Well,is kind of an inside world of the person were he keeps all his memories or moments that make them stronger or help them with all the information they could need.Sherlock´s mind palace is all messed up,there are many people in different zones and everyone is everywhere!I think is like my room that it is all messy,clothes in one way,clothes in other way,well everywhere messy!And i figured it out that Sherlock is like a teenager that needs to clean his room.Anyway,Mary shot Sherlock because he had already figured out about her,but beccause she realize Sherlock was really important for Watson and how he is important to her,so she missed “because she wanted to”.

Remember Sherlock´s girlfriend?Well,she turned out to be a bitch!Hhaha..That is why I think Sherlock was suppose to like her,before he was shot by Mary he proposed to her,well “proposed” but we all know he loves Watson or Mollly;one of them.

Finally,the “NEW” villain just lasted like 30 minutes!Basically,because Sherlock killed him,really he shot him in the head because he told that Sherlock was a hero but he replied that he wasn´t,he said he was a psicopath!Ok,that makes sense!

And because Sherlok did this well,he kind of gets exiled from london!But we all know they can´t exile Sherlock,just because one little detail: MORIARTY IS BACK..


YEP,Ok!We are all now confused!So confused!Didn´t he shot himself?I mean,Sherlock has kind of a theory and we can all understand that he can be alive because of some evidence shown in some places but i mean MORIARTY??If you were confused people,well now you will be more MORE confused!

So for me series 3 was great but we need to wait two years more to see what happens with all of this: Moriarty alive, Mary´s past but most importantly how did Sherlock survived because the one that shows you on the impossible!Too simple!

And also i want to apologize for publishing so late but it is because it took me a while to write this and also analyze the complete season and find the videos because it is too difficult to find those kind of videos,but i founded them,also because of school and homework,but maybe this week i will have more time!Who knows,maybe i will start with the contests!HhHA just give me ssome time and I will be your favorite blogger! Hahaha






5 thoughts on “Sherlock Complete Season 3: Review

  1. May I ask why you think the 3rd theory of Sherlock’s survival is not the correct one?

    I myself can’t wait for Season 4, although I doubt very much that Moriarty is back.

    1. Well,good job on asking why I think that theory is not the correct one! Thanks! Hahaha! Well,i say it because that is not the way Moffat does things!Imean if you think it better is to soon to reveal the true theory,I think that revealing stuff too soon isn´t the way Moffat would do the things,he like to make us suffer!I think you know what I mean,he makes us wait like 2 years for the new season and revealing too soon the theory is just not right!I think there is kind of a trick on that episode,wanting to make us think that the theory shown in the episode is the real but then he will change the whole theory and I think that Moriarty´s return will kind of help us out which is the REAL theory!That is what I think,i just feel there is something else,there is something is missing thats why i think that theory is not the right one..That is what i think!

      And yeah,I ma waiting deseperantly for season 4!And i kind of agree with you!While I was writing the post i was thinking of ways how he could have survived and I founded this: In the moment Moriarty was going to shot himself Sherlock moved away and the camera moved with him so Moriarty could have shot to the sky or somewhere else,we couldn´t see him shot himself on the episode so that is why I truly believe he is alive.And I don´t remember if they show Moriarty on the floor dead but if they do,he could have done the same as Sherlock or just faked the blood and stopped breathing while the camera was recording him sooo because of that I really think he is alive!Well at least that is what I think that happened!What do you think??? =3

      1. I’m quite content with the theory given for Sherlock’s survival (it was nearest to my own personal theory, maybe that’s why I like it, lol). And I highly doubt Moffat will wait ANOTHER 2 years to give us the real theory, thereby telling us 4 YEARS after it happened!

        Moriarty surviving is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion. We see him on the floor and the blood. He couldn’t fake it all right in front of Sherlock’s eyes.

      2. Yeah you might be right!I really can´t tell anything for sure,we will all just have to wait but i will really consider your opinion!! =3

  2. I also believe that we were not given the real and completely truthful theory. I guess the third one is close enough, so he decided to share, but Sherlock wouldn’t tell the whole truth to Anderson, right? But I do think it is the best we are going to get! Can’t wait for season 4!

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