***Back from my little vacations!! and E-MAIL Function***

Hello Guys:

“WE HATE YOU!”,that is what you probably are saying in this moments because you didn´t receive any e-mail or notification about me and my blog,but I took some vacations before my first week of class and during that week!But i promised myself that i was going to be back,so here I AM!Don´t worry,I will never EVER let this blog vanish or disappears slowly while the years pass,but it if happens please remeber me and you can demand me to continue my blog and that:just send me an email or in a comment.

E-mail: frikiorgullosa13@hotmail.com

But more important,the only thing i want to tell you about this two weeks of disappointment is:


By the way,I will start using that email to receive things I will ask you;for example in a contest (drawings,photos,videos) anything that comes to your mind!This year will be pretty amazing with this new thing I am trying to do!So,if i ask you to send me things,send them to that e-mail!Also I can receive letters from you,comments,suggestions or whatever you want in there just send them (But i will not answer rude e-mails or offensive).


Well,adittionally;i want to tell you and ask you to check my blog constantly cause I am going to publish my REVIEWS,comments or reactions about what happened in our fandoms during the weeks i was missing,that includes Sherlock Season 3 Release & Final Episode,The Big Bang Theory chaps.,Doctor Who series 8 screenshots with Peter Capaldi and more and more that happended those weeks!!Anyway,Because I am a good person with you and you guys are with me I promise to stay online until the next vacations(July or August) publishing stuff and making you happy!So remember to check my blog from tomorrow on to find all the things you love!!



**** Let´s get this blog started!!! ****


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