Matt-Week :Tribute Videos and Funny Moments

Hey Guys:

Gonna Show you every video: Tribute Video or Funny Video about Matt Smith as the Doctor!Every video includes his moments with Karen Gillan,Arthur Darvill,Alex Kingston or Jenna Louis Coleman.I have founded many AWESOME Videos made by Fans to remember us when Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor!The videos I founded were pretty amazing so check them out!

If you want to ask me,That one was a Crack video,which are pretty great!Maybe I will post some tomorrow so you can check them out!But Later!This ones are just a few videos of the ones I consider the best!Some suggestions?Comment them!Share us your favorite videos of Matt Smith!

Doctor Who:Thank you Matt Smith made by TheFalloftheEleventh

That one was just touching!VERY TOUCHING! Even the user name is Touching and gives you the feels!!



The next video is the One that I consider like WOW!!So,check it out!I Think that this ones just like expresses perfectly the Doctor and so does the song!Because if you put attention to the lyrics it kind of has something related with The Doctor!But I consider there are very good videos out there but I thought this one was great!But of all The Tribute videos of Matt that I founded this was for me the Greatest!



Now comes the funny parts of his moments as the Eleventh Doctor! Doctor Who Season 5-7 Funny Moments and Bloopers!! =3


Unfortunately,I couldn´t Find any from the series 7!I think it is because it just ended and all of that stuff!Maybe I will find them later!But I got a question for you guys:”Did you ever watched the extra episodes??” about River and the Doctor and those stuff!?No?Well let me show them to you!They are 4 I think,about River,Amy,Rory and the Doctor and in one episode is about the Last Time the Doctor sees River,this mean The time when she has to go to the Library….Yep,Is touching and you are all going to die!

Well,those were before River went to the Library.







This ones are extra from season 5 or 6:

Mini episodes form season 7:

The Pond Life:

This are the extra episodes that included Matt Smith as the Doctor.If you wanna know my opinion,I think every EXTRA Mini episode was special and pretty important,maybe we don´t think that but if you kind of analyze them closely you might find some clues or maybe references with past episodes,or that is what at least I founded while watching them!

Anyway,every moment Matt was in front of a camera pretending to be the Doctor was special,and very amazing and unique!He was The Doctor playing the role of Matt Smith,because Matt Smith has become the Doctor in some way!You can say it by watching the interviews he had been to,every photo they take of him,video,poster etc.That is the Doctor playing the role of an amazing man!A man that made us laugh for 4 years or even more,a man that achieved his dreams and a man who left his mark on the history of this amazing T.V show that has become a legend and will continue to be a legend,because there is no Sci-Fi show that you can compare with other!Doctor Who is Unique,The stoy Line is Unique,The Doctor is Unique,The actors are Unique and every single person that watches that show is UNIQUE!And is Thanks to people like Matt Smith that we are who we are!Thank you Matt Smith,as others,yo have made us UNIQUE!

Thank You Matt Smith ❤

(Made by the Tardis Archives)

Thank you Matt Smith….Your Adventures are just beginning….







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