Matt-Week: Matt Smith Interview ,Top Gear Lap and EXTRA

Hey guys:

Lets continue with our Matt week before New Years Night!!So,I am going to publish Interviews made to Matt Smith,Funny Moments,Reasons why he is awesome and wonderful and more!!So hold on you seats because we will start remembering our dear Matt Smith and his greatest moments as the Doctor in the TARDIS!

So this video is about his interview and lap in “TOP GEAR”.Have you seen other chaps.of this series??Well,Matt Smith is not the first to be in Top Gear,The first one to be in Top Gear was Christopher Eccleston then Billie Piper,David Tennant and then Matt Smith and I don´t know if Jenna has been in Top gear,but it will be great because they have like a little competition between each one!They all want to beat or kind of make a better time than BILLIE!so is quite fun!!haha

Also I have some Matt Smith interviews!!Enjoy them!!OMG!Some of them just make him the best!

And I remember I watched this AND Absolutely Loved it!!Jenna and Matt were doing their Christmas Shopping for each other!!And I just loved the store where they were buying those presents!!It was great!




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