***The Time of the Doctor: REVIEW!!***

Hey Guys:

How are you doing?Have you already seen the Christmas Special of Doctor who:The Time of the Doctor??Yes??Well,it is time for a Review of the Chap.So that means that this post will be kind of long and also will include a lot,LOTS of tears!!So,lets start shall we?

hr_Doctor_Who_-_The_Time_of_the_Doctor_6 Lets start from the beginning.I think you all thought that the Cyberman head in the  Doctor´s Tardis was captured by him!That he destroyed a cybermen and that the  evil cyberman face was,basically evil!But,then we founded out that it was a cute,and  good cyberman head and I really liked it!Well,apparently the Doctor was seeking for  a message that was received by the cyberman head and that was taken by it into  every spaceship around him:Dalek ship,Sontaran Ship,Cyberman ship and more.

While all of that,Clara is preparing the Christmas dinner for her family and she  requieres the Doctor for a special mission: be her boyfriend!I published that clip  on  another post so if you want to see all of that,then check out my previous posts  on my  blog.Well,after he accepted,Clara hears the sound of the Tardis and finds the Doctor    in the Tardis,Naked.Ok,I want to start reviewing from this point:I have read some articles or reviews about this part of the  chap.These articles or posts say that showing a Doctor naked and requiering to be naked in church is,stupid,or that childish nudity jokes stopped being funny,and that they are stupid or incoherent,but my opinion or the way I see it is another.Maybe some of you think the same thing:that this year Christmas Special was awful or the jokes they showed in there were childish and stupid.Ok,maybe the nudity thing was not funny for everyone but that is the sense of humor showed in Doctor Who,because if you know we are talking about outerspace traditions or ways of doing things and that is what I think Steven Moffat tried to do.And the way I see it,it is the Doctor´s kind of humor or way of doing things and also it kind of brings some style,so in my opinion it wasn´t so bad the jokes about nudity,and if you think it better in none part they showed Clara and The Doctor naked together,like in the same room,naked.The script says that they are naked in the scene,but the only one that was showed naked was Matt Smith and at least for me,it was great,It doesn´t bothers me if i got to see the Doctor naked and I kind of think that Matt Smith didn´t bother either!Hahaha!Or what do you think guys?Did you think that seen the Doctor naked or those nudity jokes were offensive???

Anyway after we see that and the Doctor is explained about everything that is happening ,he goes to the town called Christmas.I don´t know if you think this guys but when the Doctor decided that he wanted to save Clara and cheated her by taking her with theDoctorWho3 Tardis into her actual time,did you also think that it was the same thing that happened with Rose Tyler??I mean,I kind of liked it that he made exactly the same thing as he did with Rose,because it shows or it kind of lets us know that Clara is as important as all his past companions and that maybe she really has the same,close and beatiful relationship as Rose had with the Doctor while she was with him.I mean, it is the second time we see the Doctor doing this for his companion and I am not saying that he might love her but it kind of shows an affection for her just like Rose or other companion,because there were some people that said that Clara  wasn´t so important for the Doctor as others but I think that she is,on my opinion the most important companion or person on the whole T.V show,not because she rescued and saved the Doctor billions of times,but because of her the whole Future of the Doctor changed and if you analize the Christmas Special of this year,it was because of Clara that the Doctor could regenerate,I mean she spoke to the Crack in the wall,and because of this The Doctor could regenerate! What would have happened if Clara hadn´t spoken to the Crack?!

Lets continue.When Clara is attacked by Tasha Lem,The Doctor says that Tasha is not a “proper” woman and that she is not compared to Clara,who is a proper woman,or the definition of woman,some people say,some of them woman,that that line was offensive or something like that.First of all,The Doctor told that to Tasha Lem so she kind of could fight the  Dalek that she had inside her,so for me wasn´t offensive,it was a way to cheer Tasha Lem up.Also,another thing do you remember the Truth field?Well,Clara admitted that she just started to travel with the Doctor because she fancied him,but I think that that wasn´t just Clara,I mean we can also say that some of the companions had that on their mind “I am just with him because he is hot” but I think that it can take as a contributive factor,but Donna traveled with him because she wanted something different in her life and not because she fancied him and that what some people think that Moffat tried to say in this part of the show,which it isn´t true!Maybe he put that on the script to make a funny part,but just that!It does not say that every companion did that!I mean,maybe Clara first thought about travellling with the Doctor was “He is cute” but if we kind of see her reactions in other chaps.we get to see that Clara is now travelling with the Doctor because of the wonders that he shoes to her,not because she likes him,we even get to see that th Doctor doesn´t like her and Clara doesn´t fancy him,so I think that those kind of comments are irrelevant.

Also,I saw another post about negative things about woman in the show that Moffat wrote about in the Special: They said that the Doctor was flirted by Tasha Lem while he was doing his job and that this was kind of the “Stereotypical Moffat woman”.Ok,lets analyze this: The Doctor Flirts with every woman she finds sexy,so Tasha Lem flirtling with him is not a surprise,we don´t know how many woman the Doctor had have a realtionship with but we kind of found out during the series and we will continue founding out,so people,don´t say that Tasha Lem is the stereotypical woman,it is a Sci-Fi show about an Alien that travels through time and space,so that means that he will have a lot of relationships!!And also let me remind you,that Steven Moffat also created other type of woman: Rose Tyler,Martha Jones,Donna Noble,Amelia Pond,River song,etc. and that River song is kind of similar to Tasha!!So there are many kind of woman,and Tasha is not a sterotypical woman,she is just another character that flirts with the Doctor just like others we have seen in Doctor Who,but that is my opinion!

Well,now it is time to get to the sad part of the chap.The Doctor becoming old.So the Doctor decided to stay for 300 years protecting the people of Christmas,we get to see him age and fixing toys (Kind of expected he will work with toys).Well,we also got to see the drunk giraffe shown in Amelia´s and Rory´s weeding,so making the Doctor do that again really gives you the fells!!


But that wasn´t the worst part,the part that made all of us cry was when Clara gets to see the Doctor one more time before he finally dies,For Clara this is a  sad moment because she only knew him a little,she didn´t know him as the other companions the Doctor had been travelling with so for her is kind of sad  and horrible,I mean for all of us is horrible.When the Doctor starts to face his enemies and Clara finishes Doctor-Who-The-Time-Of-The-Doctor-old-doctor talking with the Crack,the Doctor gets the chance to  regenerate thanks to the Crack that apparently gives  him the power to regenerate.But sad things don´t finish  here,things are just starting,you know that you can´t be  that close to a Time Lord while he is regenerating,well  he uses the energy from the regeneration to shoot every ship down.Well,lets skip  all of these battle,Clara already knows that every time the Doctor regenerates The  Doctor changes his face so she kind of knew that when she passed the TARDIS  doors she would found a whole new man and a whole new face.

NOW,LADIES AND GENTLEMEN the moment that we were all crying for: THE ELEVENTH´s DOCTOR REGENERATION!You are allowed to cry as much as you want!

Ok,we are all crying right now!!My god,I never thought that the Eleventh´s regeneration was going to be so emotional and sad!My god we got to see again AMELIA POND!And seeing her again is OMG!!I just can´t,I am so sad!!Really I cried like 2 days!!And i will STILL CRYING!!MOffat is a genious but he makes me so sad!!Amelia Pond and The Doctor!Really,if amelia hadn´t married Rory I would have liked them as a couple,maybe as wife or something but that was sooo sad!I mean,the Doctor really loved Amelia soo badly!!There love is even a better love story than Twilight!Or Rose and The Doctor!!I don´t know,but I will tell you something,now that I am writing this I am crying so badly!!It is not fair,I really like Peter Capaldi but I mean..it is MATT SMITH!!OMG!!I am so dying!


So anyway guys,I think this Christmas Special was EXTREMELY AWESOME!!It was full of jokes and sad moments and also I think it is a good way and a good farewell for Matt Smith!Because Matt Smith was so in his character that I think that we will always love him.He is a great guy,he is a person full of love,happiness,energy,he is a man that loves what he does and loves everyone he is with!And I will tell you.that everytime I saw Doctor Who and Matt was there I was feeling full of happiness and joy,he just makes me happy.Now that he is gone,things might change a little bit but I also have seen the t.v shows Peter Capaldi has worked on,and he really does a great job,so I think he will be a great Doctor.

Obviously,we will see a whole new face,a whole new way of doing things,a whole new way of talking but it doesn´t matter who does the role of the Doctor what really matters is that the show continuous and will hopefully continue for a long time.Also I got another thing to say guys,please don´t start publishing bad comments about Peter Capaldi being the New Doctor,because you hacen´t seen him yet and it might be better than you think,so people First watch then comment!Do you remember when David Tennant left the show and Matt Smith started?I remember everyone was saying that Matt Smith wasn´t that great and that they wanted David Tennant back,that they hated Matt Smith or something!But look at us now,we love Matt Smith and we don´t want him to leave,so we are starting to say the same things we did with Matt Smith,then when Peter Capaldi leaves we will say the same things over and over again!So,As i said it doesn´t matter who drives the TARDIS,we will love him/her (who knows) anyway!!

Matt Smith,I know that You will never read this,but if you do (which will not be) I just want to say what we all whovians would say,that we love you so much!You were and will always be Our Doctor!Maybe you stopped using your Bowtie and calling yourself the Doctor,but you will always be the Doctor!!You don´t need a bowtie!!You are the Doctor and will be always the Doctor!If i get to see you on the street I will shou “Hey Doctor” or “What´s up Doctor” because for me you are the best and don´t feel sad if you are not anymore in Doctor Who,because you will always be The Doctor in the inside!

We love you so much!!But now is time for you to stop,it is time for the Eleventh Doctor to finally rest,you have done so much,we will always remember you as the man who fought till his last breath and the man who never left a town that needed him.Thank you for everything Doctor,thank You Matt Smith..

Raggedy Man…..GOODNIGHT












P.S.: This two days: Saturday and Sunday will be specially dedicated to Matt Smith and his days as the Doctor!A great weekend for a           great man.







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