***Naruto Shippuden 660:The Hidden Heart***

Hey Guys:

Naruto´s manga this week was pretty awesome!At least that is what I think,because we finally see a close relationship between Shukaku and Gaara.We see why Shukaku hated so much Garaa,because he kind of considered it as the other people he had been guarded by.Also,we see that the Beasts somehow has a relationship with the Sage of The Six Paths,maybe he was the owner of all of them or something like that.We know that Madara´s purpose is to have all Beasts and believe it or not he accomplishes it!


As you see in the imag,he has the 9 Beasts on his power,also Naruto and Bee.But things start to get worst after that,not because it seems that Madara is going to get what he wants,it is because what happens next.

The Nine Tailed Fox is now owned by Madara!What will Happen next?!Will Naruto really die?!

OMG!Naruto has no longer KURAMA!I did not expected this!I REALLY did not expected this!But if you see the other pages of this weeks manga,it seems that Gaara will have some important apperance!I mean,he will definetely become a hero in some part of the manga!What do you think?

***Naruto Shippuden Manga 660: The Hidden Heart









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