***Shingeki No kyojin:Live Action Movie-Is it true???***

Hey guys:

I know that they have been some rumors about a Shingeki No kyojin:Live Action Movie and that the whole world is saying that they will start filming on the 2014 and they expect the movie to be released in 2015,but to tell you the truth guys I don´t really think there will be a movie and I really hope they don´t release it,I mean we have seen Live Actions of so many Animes and we all know that it ends wrong!Ok,we really get excited about the idea but then when it is time to search for the cast and the scripbook writer and everything,it just goes wrong!An example is Dragon Ball Adaptation and Avatar:The Last Airbender.In Dragon Ball the whole story was COMPLETELY WRONG!!EVERYTHING!And in The Last Airbender the script was WRONG as the People who were suppose to be Katara and Aang and Soka!I mean the soka from the movie had more Ponytail than in the cartoon!And the people of the water tribe was fair skinned and the people from the fire nation were almoned skinned,COMPLETELY DIFFERENT,it is so in the other way!So I really hate Live action movies!They make everything wrong!

They released a POSTER of the movie and some people believed that it was the Official Movie Poster,which is NOT,it is just a FANMADE,an INCREDIBLE,GOOD AND AWESOME FANMADE Poster!


This poster is really good and if they are really going to make a movie,they should use it and pay the person who did it,that would be good.And also they have been discussing and publishing images from the famous people they would like to see in the big screan as the characters of the Live action.For example they want  Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters) to be Eren in the movie,which in my opinion would be a good idea which I think he looks a little bit like Eren.




If they are going to make a movie they should choose some of this people or maybe others but they should really choose them carefully because we are talking about making a HUGE,GREAT,FANTASTIC MANGA into a movie  and we know that Hollywood has never got good comments and opinions when they make this kind of movies.Anyway,I really don´t think all those articles telling that they will make a Live action are true,because if they were true I think that we would have already seen on hollywood T.v. shows or those kind of shows mentioning it or even talking about it so don´t believe everything they say on the Internet or other people,I will only start believing until I see an OFFICIAL TRAILER or OFFICIAL CAST FOR THE MOVIE,or maybe until i see it announced on the T.V.

But I will tell you guys…They are going to make that movie OVER MY DEAD BODY!



1 thought on “***Shingeki No kyojin:Live Action Movie-Is it true???***

  1. That cast would be really good to see work together. Especially if it’s within Attack on Titan. If they fail, I would hate them forever lol

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