***Sherlock Holmes Mini Episode: Many Happy Returns-Series 3***

Hey Guys:

Woke up this morning and remembered: “OMG,Sherlock´s Mini Episode,MUST SEE” so i finished seeing it and decided to share it with you guys.AMAZING I mean we all know that Sherlock didn´t die because they showed it to us in the last Chap.of Series 2 when he was seeing Watson visiting “Sherlock´s Grave” that was a sign.But now that I watched this i just..I was-I mean I-OMG..I was telling me all the time FUCK,FUCK,FUCK!I mean guys the moment you see this chap.You know he is alive,they start putting Sherlock´s Theme song everytime he appears in the episode,we can´t see him like Face to Face but we know he is there because of the theme song and it is EXCITING!Well,i was like Watson or like watson is going to be when he Figures out that Sherlock´s is alive “You sick bastard”!But I am very excited.


Anyway,I don´t want to tell you more SPOILERS so you better watch it!It is amazing and you will absolutely do not know how to react,I mean i just stayed there doing nothing after I saw it,I was shocked!!I mean,It takes your breath away!





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