***Doctor Who Clip: “I need a Boyfriend”***

Hey guys:

New clip from the Time of the Doctor!Clara asks the Doctor to be her imaginary boyfriend which he does not denies to be,he quickly says yes!!Ok,I am now shipping Clara and The Doctor,I don´t know why but I really hope they become a couple or just wanna be!But now that won´t be possible because of the NEW DOCTOR but maybe something will happen we don´t know!

Hilarious!!!Hahaha Clara has the Doctor as her new BOYFRIEND!I wonder what will happen when Clara actually meets a guy that becomes her boyfriend!!!I mean I don´t know if he will be jealous but I remember when Martha told Donna that she was engaged the Doctor Kind of become a little bit jealous!I wonder if something like that will happen with the New Doctor!Aren´t you wondering what will happen next series between Clara and The Doctor?I mean maybe it becomes kind of Rose/Doctor Relationship because if my memory doesn´t cheats me I think Clara will be one of the few people that have seen the Doctor regenerate!What do you think will happen after that?

But it doesn´t matter what happens after the end of the Doctor,because what really,really matters is…THAT THE DOCTOR IS REGENERATING AND THAT WE ALL WHOVIANS WILL D-I-E!!!

tumblr_mxnhpnGche1rv0fbdo2_500   tumblr_mxnhpnGche1rv0fbdo1_500


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