***My Doctor Who Fan Video:The Story of The Doctor´s Life***

Hey Guys:

I don´t Know if  I ever mentioned to you that i was going to give you all a surprise of Doctor Who.If I didn´t then…SURPRISE!I made my own Doctor Who Fan Video to celebrate the 50th anniversary and Matt Smith´s Farewell.I really liked it so I hope you guys like it too!It took me a while but I finally finished,published on Youtube and started to share it with other Doctor Who Fans,so this is my surprise and hope you enjoy it:

So,did you liked it?Hope you did!It really took me a while and a lot of effort!I mean i had to choose the best parts of the whole series to include in my video and it is not easy!Also i had to make that the effects were O.K. and also that difficult part where the music was along with the video,that one was difficult,took me like 2 hours!But I really enjoyed it!

The music is from One Direction (The Story of my Life),I don´t like 1D but I really like that song,I am not a fan of 1D but I liked the song.And the purpose of the video was to celebrate the 50th anniversary but also it was specially dedicated to Matt Smith´s Farewell,because as you noticed most of the video has scenes from series 5-7,were we can see as Matt Smith as the Doctor,so you can say that it was a gift for him!


So guys,If you liked it,SHARE IT AND COMMENT!Please!!Also if you wanna suscribe to my Youtube Channel check in my menu: “About-Hobbies” there you can find the links to my Youtube channel so as my Tumblr profile!So enjoy it and Follow!



1 thought on “***My Doctor Who Fan Video:The Story of The Doctor´s Life***

  1. I don’t like one direction either but this song fits really well with the story of the Doctor. Loved it. Great job!

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