***Four Days till the Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys:

Just here to remember you that the day to suffer is close,if you know what I mean.The BBC always celebrates Christmas in an awful way,making fandoms cry and suffer and by that they make Christmas like Halloween or something worst than anything,it is nothing like Christmas,it is worst than anything!That is the reason why I hate this season of the year!I mean,they could make Christmas Happy and try not to kill someone important and that we love so much,Could they do that?


Anyway,we all know that Christmas will be a nightmare and that we will all suffer in a non human way!Specially because again one of the Doctors we all love the most is again leaving the show!I remembered that when David Tennant left the show we were all suffering and wishing dead to Steven Moffat and Russell T.Davies.Also we were saying that the next Doctor was going to be the worst and that we were all going to hate him,he was nothing compared to David and Blablabla!But look at us now,we love Matt Smith and I can bet that some of you are saying the same things after David left!You don´t want to see Peter Capaldi take the lead!But that is normal,happens all the time and will continue in the future when Peter Capaldi gets replaced!So is kind of a tradition to fell that way,because we keep doing it!But what I think is that no matter who does the role of The Doctor we will all keep loving him or her (you don´t know maybe he can become a SHE)


This is how we were in the second chap.of Matt Smith:


This will be us on THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR:


So don´t worry guys,I think that Matt Smith will have a great last Doctor Who episode and that episode will make us remember hima as one of the greatest Doctors of all time and Peter Capaldi replacing him will be hard for us,I know it will be,but as always we will continue watching the show because we love it and will always love it!And if you want to know my opinion of Peter Capaldi as a Doctor I just have to say that he will be FUCKING FANTASTIC!



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