***Doctor Who Christmas Special: “It doesn´t do Turkey”***

Hey Guys:

I founded a new clip from the Christmas Special of Doctor Who and is kind of Great!!The Doctor is in another family Christmas party as he was with Rose and her family!This time is Clara´s family!I wonder what they will say the whole family when they meet the Doctor,considering that they think the Doctor is Clara´s boyfriend which then will be weird because Peter Capaldi will be the next Doctor and he will be too old for Clara and will sound weird to tell everybody that he is her boyfriend……..Now that I am telling it,I am imagining everything and it seems weird!Hahaha

They are so many apps in his Screwdriver but none of his apps does Turkey nor Wood!I really hope his next Screwdriver unless does Turkey!It would be so useful!Anyway,Have you wondered how will the Doctor´s screwdriver will be the next season?Will it stay the same or change!?So if you kind of have an Idea,tell us: How do you think it will be the next Doctor´s screwdriver?



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