***Matt Smith Naked in Doctor Who Christmas Special***

Hey Guys:

A few minutes ago I was checking around TUMBLR and the moment I saw the new images from the Christmas Special of Doctor Who I started to shout all around the house,but also my face became Really,Really RED!!I could see most of Matt Smith´s Body and don´t judge me Guys,I am a girl and that happens to girls like me and even to boys.So maybe you will also feel the same as me:

tumblr_my0zmrJuBD1r9zeo4o1_r1_500 tumblr_my0zmrJuBD1r9zeo4o2_r1_500


Ok in this scene every HUMAN BEING who loves him will shout in a rough way!!I mean is MATT SMITH NAKED and we will be as shocked as clara is in the scene!I will like to work with Matt Smith naked,I mean Jenna Louis is seeing him naked and so did Billie Piper in Secret Diary of a call Girl.I mean,he has to be so hot and perfect for two woman seeing him naked in a Tv Show and I am sure that he is hot!

I am so gonna shout in this scene!I said so,I am a girl and this is our normal reaction when we see a Doctor naked!!I am soo gonna shout and cry in this special and I bet that the idea of being naked was Matt´s!!I bet it was his idea!!It has to be and I think is the perfect ending for him!!I mean David was naked once and now is Matt´s turn!!so bring it on!!Hahaha



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