***The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Gets Drunk!…..Again***

Hey Guyss:

I saw the last chap from the Big Bang Theory yesterday:OMG! We finally get to see Sheldon drunk….AGAIN and touching Amy´s Butt!Yep,he touched Amy´s butt,just like she wanted to!

I really enjoyed this chap.so much.The gang is celebrating Thanksgiving Day at Howard´s Mom house,so Bernadette invites his dad at the dinner so he could have a closer relationship with Howard,but everything starts to fail after Sheldon gets to the Dinner with the rest of the gang and starts to talk about how his dad never shared a moment with him not even a beer,so Bernadettes Father shares a beer with him until Sheldon gets really drunk and he starts to do everything he wouldn´t do in his whole life!



Meanwhile,we discover that Penny is married to zack(the weird guy she used to date) and Leonard gets Mad about it and tells Penny to get the annulment,but insted she invites Zack over to the House and he decides to sign the annulment and stay for dinner.Basically he just wanted to eat!

Anyway the chap.was great!I really loved it and if you want to watch it,they will be tunning the chap. constantly during this week,so you will have plenty of chances to watch it and i know you want to watch it,I MEAN IS SHELDON GETTING DRUNK…AGAIN!!

Anyway,I love Sheldon so basically evey chap for me is the best!



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