***Doctor Who:Time of the Doctor TV Trailer***

Hey Guys:

I just saw this new TV Trailer from The Christmas Special of Doctor Who and I started to die slowly!Have you seen it??Noo??Let me show you my suffering in a horrible TV Trailer!!

Why is there a hand of a skeleton on the Tv Trailer???!!Why!??Someone please Tell Me!!This is too much!I mean are they trying to make us cry or are they just being mean!!!??



I mean,Christmas is going to be the worst day of my life! I AM GOING TO HATE CHRISTMAS AFTER THIS!My god i used to have a lot of Christmas Spirit but the BBC is taking it away!



I know we are all going to hate Christmas After the special!!WE ARE ALL GOING TO BECOME THE GRINCH!!I really going to miss Matt Smith!I never thought i would be so in love with him!!That never happened to me before…not even with a normal guy from my school!I will be with someone unless he is cute,intelligent and LOVES DOCTOR WHO and all that I love and publish in this blog….Ohh,and also that he is MATT SMITH!!Only if he is like that I will date him!!BUT RIGHT NOW I AM DYING!

I am soo gonna hate my life after this!



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