***Naruto Shippuden 659: Rinbo Hengoku***

Hey guys:

I just read Naruto Manga and i will tell you the exact same thing I told you in older posts….NARUTO MANGA NEEDS TO END!!Now!Is just the story is getting a little bit boring and predictable like I told you,and is like they want to make it longer and longer but lets face it guys,it is time for the manga to end,quickly!Is not that I don´t like it,it is just that it is time to put an end on it!

The chap of the manga was O.K. Madara is back,he used obito to get the powers of the Bijuus and he is obviously gonna get them (like always) and we will see Naruto do something about it.But,what I am really waiting for is for the big last battle between Naruto and Sasuke!I mean,we all know this is going to end in a battle either for the spot of Hokage or for whatever reason between them,anyway,i really want to see a blood bath in the next chapters!Something!Is not that i am a person that likes blood is just that I miss those days were they fighted against each other and almost killing each other is just that!

Madara has kind of a new jutsu that…OMG!I don´t wanna spoil you guys but i think that was the best part of todays chapter!Just that part,for me was the best!I don´t know read it yourselves and find out!

***Naruto Shippuden 659: Rinbo Hengoku***

Best part of the manga!THIS ONE!
Best part of the manga!THIS ONE!

So,In my opinion Naruto is great,but it also has to end like all good stories and I think is time for this great story to end.I thnk that after this war they will announce the official release date of the last chap of the manga,because they said that it was going to be on October 10th but apparently the manga didn´t ended so basically they lied to us!Hahah









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