***Will Bleach Anime Return and When!!??***

Hey Guys:

If you are reading it is because you are as desperated as I am to see Bleach Again as an Anime!Ok,Bleach anime ended because Tv Tokyo wanted to make an special schedule for Naruto SD but I mean it seems like a year since we last saw a Bleach episode,it is not Naruto bothers me is just that they should really give Bleach a spot again on the TV.

I mean,there are alot of fans who want to see Bleach again but when will we be able to see it again? There are rumors that the anime was cancelled because it was catching up with the manga,but now people are saying that because Tite Kubo is putting a lot of effort in the final arc and that the manga is almost in the ending line,the anime will return sometime in 2014 or 2015 which are really good news for all of us,well all of us that are fans of Bleach!


The worst news will be that the last anime chap of Bleach 366 will really become the last episode of the anime,which are really bad news and from my point of view,please don´t hate me guys;I think that Bleach 366 will really be the last anime episode!But don´t worry guys the manga is still going,the best we can do now is wait till the next chapter of Bleach.By the way,Bleach is becoming so interesting and has really become interesting and the plot is becoming what we were waiting,so what we can do know..as i said is just wait..

As for the Anime of Bleach,only time will tell,but the odds seem slightly to be in its favour!We will wait and see..




4 thoughts on “***Will Bleach Anime Return and When!!??***

  1. “The odds seem slightly to be in its favour!”

    I see what you did there… I hope.

    1. Well,bleach stopped to be on the TV because they decided to use the space or hour bleach was on,to occupy it with NARUTO SD!Many fans got upset and really mad with TvTokyo that they actually started hating Naruto SD.Finally Naruto SD stopped and they continued with the normal Naruto anime,but they haven´t continued transmitting bleach so people are really getting desesperated.Also,they wanted to catch up with the manga but Bleach Manga is already too far and if they want to catch up they need to continue bleach.So in other words:The reason why they stopped transmmiting bleach was for space for NARUTO SD and because they wanted to CATCH UP WITH THE MANGA!=)

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