***The Doctor and Sherlock***

Hey guys:

I know some of you guys have been wondering what would happen if the Doctor and Sherlock were together in the same room,well in this case in the TARDIS!

“Months after an encounter with a mysterious ‘Doctor’, Sherlock becomes obsessed with discovering more about this impossible man… until the man makes an unexpected return.”

The creator, with a very clean execution of CGI animation, audio timing and script writing, has created a flawless short that brings two of our favorite characters together in the TARDIS

This video was made for all of us: Fans of Doctor Who/Sherlock who always have wanted to see them together and have always wondered what would happen if this two incredible men where in the same TARDIS!Two of the most popular BBC series written by Steven Moffat get together in this amazing video made by the famous Youtuber John Smith (or at least that Youtuber published it) and this same Youtuber created the 50th anniversary Trailer that everyone thought that was the real one (admit it you thought it too)And his videos are really great!



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