***Supernatural Jokes while filming***

Hey guys:

Ok1Lets talk about how we love Jensen,Misha and Jared when they are together!I think that they spend like three days to try to film one scene!They are joking everytime and every single moment they are joking!But the best of all is that they kind of do it already planned,like they plan everything all together:

“Ok,we are shooting this scene in a few moments,what if you push Misha and then i start to call you jerk and punch you because you hitted my ship or boyfriend ok Jared!” said Jensen

“Yeah i agree with you,we will make a Deastiel moment and fans all around the world will be fangirling!!” said Jared


Ok not like that but that is kind of an example of what they kind of do when they want to ruin a scene or something!jajaj You kind of get the scene!

And the three of them make every Joke better!!

One example of this post:

tumblr_mvuo5dGQ621rxfigmo2_r2_250 tumblr_mvuo5dGQ621rxfigmo1_r2_250

tumblr_mvuo5dGQ621rxfigmo3_r2_250 tumblr_mvuo5dGQ621rxfigmo4_r2_250

Another wonderful Example:

tumblr_ms08zbUId51qkxrcwo1_400  tumblr_inline_mkzlxrCkds1qz4rgp


Example Number 3:

tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro6_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro5_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro4_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro3_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro2_r1_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro1_250

Example 4:

tumblr_inline_mxo1phxiCG1rz44at tumblr_inline_mxo1szmeG81rz44at

tumblr_inline_mxo1upA6YF1rz44at tumblr_mhvfi2aJ8O1qzlk8yo4_250


I think I made it all clear!! =3


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