***Problems:Help me to make my blog better***

Hey guys:

You know that I started my blog not a lot time ago,but i want to make it even better for you guys to like it even more!Anyway,I am having some problems,well actually is a question that needs to be answered,Hope you ca help me with it:

Ok,what i want to make is that for example a Doctor Who post that is published in the front page are also published in the Doctor Who category.The same post in two different places,you can watch the Doctor Who post in the front page but if you search in the DW category you can also see it in there!What do I need to do??Is there a Magic trick or something!?Some witchcraft or do i have to get a magic wand and say EXPELLIARMUS?What do I need to do??Can you help me please!?I really want to make this possible because i have checked other blogs and also your blogs and they are like that,they have the same post in different places and is quite great!I want to learn to do it,so if you have your blog like that,could you teach me please?You guys maybe are experts or something,I don´t Know but please,please Help me!!

So,after this i will be happy to see a lot of comments from you guys helping me!Please i will be so grateful!!Thank you for making my blog better! THANK YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU!!!



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