***Happy Birthday Mayim Bialik***

Hey Guys:

Today is Mayim Bialiks Birthday!!

Happy 38th Birthday Mayim Bialik!Happy Birthday to Sheldons Nerdy Girlfriend who we all love!!Hope Sheldon finally gives her what she wants,and I think we all know what she wants from Sheldon,don´t we??!! Hahaha..Today is going to be a great night for her!Jajaj

Happy Birthday Pretty Princess Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik)!! SHE HAS A TIARA!!!

tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo1_250 tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo2_250

tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo3_250 tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo6_250

tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo5_250 tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo4_250

tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo7_250 tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo8_250




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