***Naruto Shippuden 658: Bijuu vs. Madara***

Hey guys: Last week Naruto Shippuden manga was released: Naruto Shippuden 657:Madara Uchiha is Back. Ok,can i just say that this was kind of what I was expecting to happen!!The Bad Guy comes back to life and tries to make a bad world and wants to kill everybody by having a wonderful power,but i have always asked me this: What is the point of killing everyone and trying to rule the world,I mean if you kill everybody who are you going to rule!!?? Haven´t they asked themselves this!!!But that is the normal and common story! Well here is the link to last weeks manga: ***Naruto Shppuden 657: Madara Uchiha is back

The power of 9!!!
The power of 9!!!

And know the review of yesterdays manga: Naruto Shippuden 658 Ok,Madara is becoming like kind of inmortal!How many times does he needs to be killed!First in the past and know we need to kill him in the future!Ok this is just cheating!My god this is so asdfghjk!!! Anyway,I think the manga is close to the end!Is not that i want it to finish but I think that they are kind of making the things longer and it is becoming predictable,like we already know what is going to happen..I don´t know what you think guys but for me is time for the manga to end!I like Naruto but i think is time to finish all the story,is jut that there is nothing more to tell or to write about,but i just hope that in the end they make Naruto Hokage,but what i think is going to complicate things is that EVERYBODY KNOW WANTS  TO BECOME HOKAGE!!Surely there is going to be a fight between Naruto and Sasuke for the leadership..Dont you think?? ***Naruto Shippuden 658: Bijuu vs. Madara

Everyhting is becoming so predectible: Except this,i wasn´t expecting madara to get a new eye!!

But surely,Naruto will always be the best manga of all!At least for me! hahaha




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