***I´M BACK***

Hey Guys:

I am sooo sorry I promised you i will be back on Monday but my exam results had some problems so everything got messed up so everything didn´t work out as i wanted.

I was like this during my final exams!!

Anyway,i got good grades (if you where wondering about it) everything went all right sooo nothing to worry about!!Everything is all right,at the beginning i was a little worried because the final are the worst but there weren´t too difficult!!!Although i was a little worried about my blog and you guys because i was always thinking you were going to visit my blog and you wouldn´t find anything!Again,I am soo sorry.

Anyway,a lot of things happened while i was gone like:New promo photos from the Time of the Doctor,the announcement of Sherlock Season 3,the death of Paul Walker (which is too sad,we are all sad to hear this,well everyone with a soul is sad!!) and a lot of new stuff from our Fandoms!So you might see a lot of stuff in my blog this week,don´t worry i will make up to you!



Anyway,don´t worry any of you guys!!This week my blog will be full of posts sooo visit my blog tomorrow!!Tomorrow i will start posting things,get ready for the fangirling!!

tumblr_inline_mxesw0lZxD1qi5r75   tumblr_mwvl8rul7q1qd1240o3_r1_250


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