***Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys:

As I promised,i will start publishing things today!So,I will start with the best news of all: The new Trailer of the Time of the Doctor-.The Christmas special!

We are all excited to know that Christmas Day is close and if Christmas Day is close soo is The Christmas Special!Do you remember that post i wrote about The Christmas Special SPOILER?Well,apparently everything that is wrote in there is true,well mostly of all,or that is what we can see in this trailer!

So,Finally i have founded the trailer that was published on monday or yesterday I really don´t know but here you go guys!!!You will love it as much as I did!!



Did you hear what the Daleks said!??? “The Doctor has Regenerated!!”…..MY GOD THAT WAS..ASDFGHJK!!! I am dying slowly!!Every minute it passes i am dying more and more!!!I am so excited to see the Christmas Speacial,we are all going to die!!And do you know whose fault is it?:


MATT SMITH IS LEAVING!!!PETER CAPALDI IS BECOMING THE DOCTOR!! I don´t know why,but i feel like i had no soul!!




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