***Well,she thought she was the first..***

Hey guys:

After i saw again the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who,I remembered all the spoilers in every episode about Queen Elizabeth I and The Doctor!All around the series,they have gave us spoilers about their marriage:They gave us one in the End of Time Part I and in the second episode of series 6!I mean,they were going to show us the episode where they got married sooner or later and it was amazing that they showed to us in the 50th!!Hahaha

Here are the references:


tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto1_r1_250 tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto2_250

tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto3_250 tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto4_250

tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto6_250 tumblr_ly49qdqnnU1qdxbxto5_r1_250


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