#Sherlock Lives!!!***

Hey Guys:

Sherlock is returning!Aparently,Sherlock is returning next year,i though it was last week!I was fooled!!Anyway,i am so excited for his returning!I mean,Sherlock is one of the best Tv shows I have ever seen in my life!It is not just because he is cute,it is also because the way he solves things!I mean,everytime I solve something that anyone else can I can solve it I feel like F*** Sherlock!!I feel amazing!Jjaja is that too much?Anyway,sherlock is coming back on January 1st 2014!Just after New Years Eve!!I mean,we all know why we are going to celebrate when everybody starts to celebrate,we will have a different reason to celebrate!!jaja

Sherlock Season 3:

tumblr_inline_mx0t7zgSr01qdiwnb                        tumblr_inline_mx0t82bxMT1qdiwnb

OMG!!(Not Breathing!!!)



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