***Matt Smith´s Clone***

hey guys:

Well,if you check my last posts,you can find the chap.when David Tennant and Matt Smith are together in the Graham Norton show because of the 50th anniversary.Anyway,if you saw the part where people start to tell their stories you might remeber this:

tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto1_250 tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto2_250

tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto3_250  tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto4_250

tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto5_250  tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto6_250

tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto7_250  tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto8_250

Ok people,we have now founded Matt Smith´s clone!I mean,OMG!!He looks like Matt,actually David Tennant is laughing soo hard in that part of the show!Because,he is right he looks exactly like Matt and is funny!Now Matt can find a double for his regeneration,he doesn´t need to suffer in his last chap.he just calls him,and he will suffer for him!

Jjaja I think we all have a clone in the world,actually i already founded mine!And i got to tell you guys,she looks exactly like me!You will find your clone soon(hope he/she is like you expect it to be) because Matt looks amazed by this!!Jajaja

I think we all are amazed by this…


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