***How to Train your Dragon:Preview***

Hey Guys:

Ok!I know what you are going to say:OMG!!We all know that they announced that they were going to make another movie from “How to Train Your Dragon” and that hiccup in this movie was going to be a teenager very handsome and that he was going to be with Astrid,but I never thought that they were actually going to do it!I was screaming when i saw this!This is just,WOW!!Are you excited?Because I am!!!My god,can´t,really can´t wait to see it!

My god!The best part,is that he is with ASTRID!!We have a new OTP!

tumblr_mx0585Xnrl1qbbz9io1_500  tumblr_mx0585Xnrl1qbbz9io2_500



tumblr_mwu71qx8qK1stpppbo1_500 (1)




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