***The Day of The Doctor: My Review***

Hey Guys:

Ok,As i told you before (like two or three days ago) I am going to make my own review about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who;I will tell you what I thought about it in everything it happened in the episode from the beginning to the end!So here i go:

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First of all,as we saw in the episode Clara is now teaching in a school and the episode began just like the first chap. of Doctor Who in the garage or something like that.Anyway,they thought that Clara was sick or something because she received a message from the Doctor.But as we saw,Clara has become such a Badass,imagine;she arrived at the Tardis with a Motorcycle!I mean,who does that!?The relationship between the Doctor and Clara has become so unique that they have stayed together for a long time and we expect to see them together even more time!



Well,then we see again UNIT,as you remember UNIT was from the Doctor Who Classics and seeing them again in the 50th anniversary was awesome because they are so popular!Anyway,UNIT is now Kate Lethbridge-Stewart daughter of Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart who was the chief of UNIT during the Doctor Who classics.Anyway,this part when they take the TARDIS flying through the air is kind of amazing!The Doctor is hanging from the bottom of the TARDIS and he is almost falling!This was the beginning I was expecting for the 50th anniversary!

So,after the trip (where almost our Doctor regenerated from a terrible fall) passed Stewart talked to him about a little problem in the gallery of London!He received a letter from Queen Elizabeth I and after that Stewart started to tell him about the problem in the gallery.My review about this part is that,Queen Elizabeth actually knew when to deliver the letter to the Doctor!I mean,this part is great.Specially after they show us a painting of the 10th DOCTOR WITH QUEEN ELIZABETH I!Jaja..David Tennant looked great and cute in a painting and looks exactly alike!Jjajaj


I don´t remeber very well,but after that we see the Doctor from the Time War,writing in the walls a warning for everyone who was in the time war.Anyway,the Doctor went to other planet to activate The Moment and then is when we find again Rose Tyler;but this time she was Bad Wolf.Anyway,I clearly enjoyed this part of the 50th,Bad Wolf returning to the 50th anniversary with the past Doctor and the Moment taking form of Rose Tyler was epic!I think we all were fangirling in this moment,specially because we all knew that the Doctor was going to find Rose very soon!But the most amazing part of this was THE FEZ of the Eeventh!JUST EPIC!



Well,after all of the speech between Bad Wolf and The Doctor,we see The tenth Doctor with Queen Elizabeth I having a little picnic and he asking her for marriage and ruining History!Well,we clearly know now why Queen Elizabeth hates the Doctor soo much,he never showed up again,but ask yourselves this: If Queen Elizabeth I wanted to cut off the Doctor´s head in the “Shakespeares Code” because he hated him,why in this episode,she still loves him and everything!?I mean,he never showed up again,right after they got married he never showed up again,and she is totally cool with that at the beginning but then she is totally mad about it?I am kind of confused about this,but they made ourselves clear about the Queen and The Doctor.

Finally,the three Doctors find each other in the past with Queen Elizabeth due to that Bad Wolf wanted to show the Doctor his future if he destroyed Gallifrey and stopped in a violent way the time war.Anyway,the first two to find each other were 11th and 1oth Doctor who started to dialogue between each other and bla bla bla!After that,the Time War Doctor founded them and asked them if they were the Doctor´s Companions!Ok,may I stop at this point and ask:Was i the only one that laughed soooo hard when this happened?!!HIS COMPANIONS?jajaj I just loved the 11th Doctor reaction!Was epic!I mean,do we all agree that this was the best part of the whole chap.??This part made the 50th way more funny than we expected!



Well after that,the cool stuff came:Doctor´s dialoguing about the time war,if they could forget,if they had already forgotten and blablabla!The cool stuff came at the end and where I have great emotions about!As you know,Stewart wanted to destroy london so she could destroy the Zygons,kind of commiting genocide!The Doctor made her think about her decision better and all of that.The cool stuff came when the moment to make a decision about the end of the Time war came.Bfore the Doctor could press the BIG RED BUTTON the two doctors showed up and tried to make him think better about his decision and they came up with an idea:To hide gallifrey and freeze the time during the war.The idea was just great and the moment too,specially with the Doctor/Rose reference!My god!!I loved the Doctors face right after the Doctor wished he could kiss Rose/Bad Wolf girl!Jjajaj his face was just hilarious!AND I DEFINETELY LOVED THE MOMENT!

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Well.now the best part of the episode:The thirteen Doctors!Obviously this part was the best of the episode,they didn´t just show twelve Doctors but showed thirteen including Peter Capaldi!!!(SPOILERS)Well,Obviously some of the Doctors were shots from previews episodes but showing Peter Capaldi was just making things cool!!Peter Capaldi obviously is going to be a great Doctor.I think we all agree with that!Because they are already showing the thirteen Doctor,because the Twelve Hour is almost over!Matt smith is leaving on December,Merry Christmas from the BBC!

tumblr_mwrx7sTybd1robleeo1_r2_500 tumblr_mwrx7sTybd1robleeo2_500






Also i want to add this part:


The Tenth Doctor is basically flirting with Clara!His next next companion!My god,no wonder why Matt does not admitt he likes her!He kissed her hand in the past!I bet he is embarrassed!!But his expression was the best:Yeah,I am flirting with your girl,whatever is yours it is mine!” Basically,that was what he was thinking that moment!

In conclusion:

The 50th anniversary was definetely what I was expecting but they could have included more about other things like:What happened with Rose Tyler and Tentoo in the future,or something else!I would have liked them to explian something about Rose and Tentoo,it would have been great!The important thing here is that the 50th anniversary was awesome and the plot was clearly unexpected,specially with all the stuff about Gallifrey,Honestly i did not expeted that,the way they solved the Time War was unexpected and i think you guys also think that too.



The great news about this is that we will be able to see the 100th anniversary of Doctor Who,well at least i will be able to see it!I hope you guys can see it too in the future unless you are a Time Lord and you want to see even more from DoctorWho 150th anniversary or 200th I really don´t think we will get that far.

So,what did you thought about the 50th?Did you liked it?Was it what you were expecting about it?Leave it on a comment and lets all celebrate because GALLIFREY FALLS,NO MORE!!













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