***SPOILERS from the Doctor Who Christmas Special***

Hey guys:

I was just hanging around the internet when i founded something about the 50th anniversary.This might be some massive SPOILERS from the 50th anniversary so you might wanna rethink about reading it,but I don´t know Do as you want!:

***WARNING:MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD,Read at your own risk:

Christmas Special: (possibly called Time Of The Doctor)

There’s a signal, a bell tolling, calling out through the universe and touching every race. Most races are inexplicably afraid, even Daleks Cybermen Angels etc. But our Doctor is, as ever, very curious! He and Clara follow the signal to a small, wooded, snowy place where they are attacked by Angels. The Doctor gets wounded and fears his leg is infected.

They meet a couple (Del’s wife off Only Fools and Horses, and Eddie the Barman from Hustle) who explain that they are on the outskirts of Christmas Town, a quaint little place enfolded in a truth field which has always been there, seemingly naturally.

On closer examination and exploration the Doctor figures that the signal is emanating from the clock tower in the centre of town. Further investigation reveals that the planet is surrounded by enemies old and new, all wanting to crush the place.

Chatting with those in the know, the Doctor realises that this is Trenzalore! The enemies are holding back their attack for fear that the Doctor – through legend – will unleash the might of the Time Lords on them. The Daleks fear this the most. So, the Doctor decides he has no choice but to protect this innocent town (which just happens to house the target of the universal forces of evil) from utter destruction. He has to stay. He has to help!

Realising that this could take a while he sends Clara to safety in the TARDIS; she won’t live for half the time this’ll take to sort out… So now he’s stranded there in Christmas Town. He takes up residency in the tower where he becomes something of a local celeb! The man who takes care of the town! He spends 300 or so years fighting the invading monsters, side by side with the Mainframe – both are defending the town, after an agreement was made in their mutual interest! He defeats Angels and Cybermen (wooden ones too) and Sontarans and who knows what else. All the while, the question is asked: Doctor Who?

Clara visits, with help, and finds the Doctor making and fixing toys for the children of the town. He’s old. Aged. He’s lost that infected leg, it turned to stone so had to go. Now he has a wooden one! And he also has a Cyberhead mate called Handles who keeps him company, keeps him chatting… The Doctor explains his situation to Clara (us) and we see the battles he is left to fight. An endless, bitter war. A war that could kill him; he has no regenerations remaining! This is his last life.


(When Kovarian said “an endless bitter war, against you!” In AGMGTW she didn’t mean between the a Silence and him, but between him and everyone else, fought on the Silence’s doorstep.)

The stalemate holds, the battle rages, the Doctor defeats all sorts of monsters. Until only the ever-defiant Daleks remain in position, waiting and waiting. 900 years of battle and waiting and waiting and more waiting. 900 years of not being able to end it all. The Daleks fear that if they attack then the Doctor will unleash the Time Lords and that means an end for them. If the Doctor leaves Christmas Town then the place burns with no deterrent. So both sides sit and wait… And wait… And wait…

Until the Doctor realises his time is up, his life is at an end. He has no regenerations left (thanks to Ten’s vanity in Journey’s End and Hurt’s Recently revealed existence) so this really is the end. He takes his rage and frustration to the Daleks one last time: a last stand, an “I’ve got nothing, so kill me if you want” defiant eff-you. They close in on him when, inexplicably, a familiar crack of light opens in the sky and from it emerges a second chance! The Doctor is able, once more, to regenerate! Breaking all rules, it’s going to be a hell of a light show! The exploding energy from his regeneration blasts Daleks all around, sending them burning into the wastes of space and the battleground around the town…

tumblr_inline_mwqk7jmuQP1r02tin (1)

…thanks to the mysterious Tasha Lem, Clara has been shown this, from a distance, and – knowing he SHOULD just die – she’s overjoyed that he appears to be changing once more. She races to where she saw it happen only to find the TARDIS, open, waiting… our story continues! Hopefully for another 50 years!


So,this is basically what i founded.I really don´t know if this is true but it sounds kind of Steven Moffats Style so I really don´t know but there is a huge possibility that all of this is true,actually people say this is true and that all of this will happen in the Christmas special.Let me just say,that I am oe of the persons that think this will happen in the 50th,it sounds logical to me I don´t know if to you it sounds logical,but for me yes.

Will you want to see something like this in The Christmas Special of Doctor Who?Because i will like it to happen!Well,i mean…another regeneration!?This is serious stuff because it had already been said that the Doctor could only regenerte 13 times,not more but this is basically a miracle for all of us and i am waiting it to happen!

As it said in there,to all of us this episode will be a big shock!There will be new stuff to discover about and who knows,maybe this Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is the one River was always talking about;this means we might get to see River song again!Would you like that?I guess we all miss the words that could move armies,cause battles between kingdoms,cause the destruction of the universe;just two single words might that could cause the End of The Universe and more :


Maybe the Christmas Special will be Horrible,sad or we will lose Matt Smith as the Doctor;but the great news;is that we might get to see Doctor Who last for 50 years…or even more..



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