***Matt Smith in Adventure in Space and Time with William Hartnell:Clip***

Hey guys:

Right after the 50th anniversary was over,the BBC released kind of a movie about the beginning of Doctor Who with William Hartnell.This movie explains every process made for the creation of Doctor Who.This shows us that the idea of regeneration wasn´t even planned and this are great news!

The movie is called Adventure in Space and Time:Doctor Who.I think there will be kind of a marathon of Doctor Who on the BBC,so maybe they will also put this movie on the Tv Schedule,right after the Day of The Doctor.

Anyway,Matt smith appeared on this movie for just a few seconds.I really don´t know if this is real but for me it is (maybe you have figured out that I believe everything i see),it looks pretty real!!Matt Smith was already imagined by William Hartnell!!


tumblr_inline_mwqk7jmuQP1r02tin (1)


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