***Doctor Who:Christmas Special 2013***

Hey guys:

The 50th anniversary was already released,which means that Matt  Smith´s end is very close,which is too bad for all of us.

Matt Smith´s last episode will be on December 24th of this year 2013.Unfortunatele,Matt Smith will be leaving in that episode or we can say regenerate into the 12th Doctor or maybe 13th because we all now know that the Doctor played by John Hurt is considered also a Doctor so i kind of got lost.Eventhough,Matt Smith is leaving Peter Capaldi will be our Next Doctor,which I consider he will be the best,imagine a Doctor like Peter Capaldi always saying Bad Words!Jajaja It will be epic.Anyway,I am like you,feeling sad because of Matt Smith´s departure,but I knid of feel that this Doctor will be just AWESOME.

So,here is a poster that was released after the 50th anniversary,where they show the Christmas Special of Doctor Who:The last episode of Matt Smith.

Can you see it?In the background….It is the Silence,long time we don´t see them!But this are bad news for all of us…Don´t you think?

Extra Pic:

Apparently the Cybermen will be the enemies that will cause his regeneration this time or will they be the silence???

Who do you think will be the enemies this time?



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