***Deleted Scene from the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who***

Hey Guys:

Doctor Who 50th anniversary was a big surprise for all of us!It was what we  were kind of expecting,although I hoped a little bit more from Bad Wolf,I don´t know like a relationship between the 11th Doctor and Bad Wolf..Something like i don´t know,asking her if he could see Rose Tyler´s life or something like that it would have been good.

Anyway,there were some deleted scenes from the 50th anniversary which i consider good and that they shouldn´t have been deleted from the 50th anniversary,but well they kind of didn´t wanted them in it.

Here is a deleted scne from the 50th anniversary right after The Three Doctors meet and were on the way to The Tower:

This was my favorite scene,I wish they had left it in the episode,it was a great scene!}



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