***Do not check TUMBLR!!***

Hey guys:

WARNING: BE CAREFUL GUYS!! If you haven´t seen the 50th anniversary and you don´t want people to spoil you,then you should not see TUMBLR!Tumblr is now fulll of spoilers of the 50th trust me!I have already see it,but i don´t want to spoil you so i will start to publish stuff till tomorrow or Monday,depends if everyone in this planet has seen it..so you on´t want to get spoiled,then do not search about the 50th!

Also i want to say,sorry if you havent seen it..I am really,really sorry..



Meanwhile,people that has already logged into Tumblr and has been spoiled:

tumblr_inline_mwpwoyvPiB1s899bs (1)

Sorry Guys…


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