***Day of the Doctor:My posts about this till Monday!**

Hey Guys:

Helloww..maybe you wonder,why she hasn´t publish anything about the 50th anniversary?Well,i just don´t want to spoil all of you guys.The 50th was already transmitted but many people couldn´t see it until tomorrow,so i want to be a good  person and I wil publish things about the 50th till Monday cause this is a huge thing and maybe some of you has not seen it,so don´t worry if you couldn´t see it,then there will a repetition of the 50th at 19:30 on the BBC!Good luck and If you haven´t seen it,SEE IT it is FANTASTIC!



(Meanwhile,everyone that haven´t seen the 50th and does not want any spoilers, are grateful with me!) You are welcome!



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