**This is going to be a though week!**

Hey guys:

I was just realizing that this week will be the toughest of all! I can assure you that the BBC will Spoil us even more about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who or stay quiet without saying a thing about it just like Sherlock Season 3!Yep,this week is tough I mean;Friday 22nd CATCHING FIRE,Saturday 23rd THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO and Sunday 24th SHERLOCK SEASON 3!This week is dedicated to all of us,THANKS BBC!

This week i am surely going to cry a river!My god!I just cant´t wait for the 50th!I saw a few hours ago,the last episode “The Name of the Doctor” and i remembered the first time i saw it,when in the screen said that it was going to be back on November 23rd,I kind of cried the whole PACIFIC OCEAN!I was diying!How could they do that!?Hopefully,there is just ONE WEEK LEFT for the 50th and Sherlock,THANK GOD!

I am just a little confused:Rose Tyler i very different than the other!Imagine if when she bcame BAD WOLF she kind of made a copy in Gallifrey or something and there are two rose Tyler!I don´t know but i kind of got a bad feeling about all of this!!



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