**50 anniversary:Gifs**


Look,look if you didn´t see the video of the 50th (which i think you did)then here is a little resume of what was the TRAILER about!WOW!

tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo2_r1_250                                        tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo3_r2_250

tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo4_r2_250                            tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo1_250

tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo5_r3_250                                            tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo7_r1_250

tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo8_r1_250                                            tumblr_mw7yacZVfJ1s4kizwo6_r2_250


After I saw this i just got one thing to say: WOW!


BBC,you really need to make time pass faster,we all want to see the 50th anniversary and cry a POND!….Auuu AMELIA!!I wish she could be at the 50th,i miss her a lot!


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