**Rose Tyler Weeding Ring?!!**

Hey Guys:

My god,look what i just founded:


Rose Tyler,she is wearing a weeding Ring!?OMG,this is amazing I mean she is finally married and i don´t know to whom but it might be the Doctor!I really don´t know but this is shocking!Can you see the background!?That´s the Eleventh Doctor!My god,this 50th anniversary is really going to be good!!There are a lot of Spoilers!Are we going to get to see Rose Tyler´s weeding or something?!Because if we are going to,then I am Dying to see it happen but with the Tenth Doctor!

Everyday that passes makes me want to see the 50th anniversary NOW !Don´t you feel the same!? I mean,this is serious stuff!A weeding ring?!This definetely solves all my problems!I can´t wait till Saturaday!I need to see the 50th NOW!



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